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The impact of telecommunications on Latin America’s economic growth

Telecommunications is the transmission of data and information at a distance through electronic and technological means such as a Smartphone. Today, the telecommunications industry sector plays a very important role in society and in the growth of a country’s economy. In the following Guinea Mobile article we will analyze the impact of the telecommunications sector […]

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IoT en las OMVs: Como el IoT puede transformar la industria de las telecomunicaciones

El nuevo contexto post-pandemia, la transformación digital y la transición del 4G al 5G están causando una evolución en la industria de las telecomunicaciones. Este cambio ha dado lugar a que muchos operadores móviles virtuales (OMV) analicensus ofertas y soluciones y se centren en las oportunidades que ofrece el Internet of things (IoT) en términos […]


Framework and legal obligations for a Mobile Virtual Operator in Peru

Access of Virtual Mobile Operators to the Networks if Networked Mobile Operators Article 6. Access and interconnectionMobile network operators are obliged to provide access and interconnection of their networks to virtual mobile operators that request it in exchange for a consideration. The agreements signed between the parties are approved by the Supervisory Agency for Private […]

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