The 5G Device Revolution and battery-free IoT deployment

In the fast-paced world of connectivity, 5G Americas has unveiled a fascinating analysis of the evolution of 5G devices, especially their integration into the battery-free Internet of Things (IoT).

This change not only redefines the way we connect, but also opens the door to a new era of efficiency and innovation.

In this Guinea Mobile article, we’ll take a closer look at device innovation, key device features, the ever-expanding landscape and the intriguing world of battery-free ambient IoT devices.

5G device innovation: beyond smartphones

Telecommunications company 5G Americas, in its study entitled “Evolving Devices for 5G Adoption,” highlights the transition of 5G devices from their predominant use in smartphones to their expansion into specialized IoT fields.

This evolution involves not only a diversification in device design, but also a profound transformation in the way we connect and use technology.

Key features of 5G devices

On the road to mass adoption of 5G, device features play a crucial role.

Mobility, bandwidth, size, accessibility, cost, security, coverage, battery life, and radio access technology are all factors that influence the design and functionality of these devices.

Versatility is the key to meeting diverse consumer needs and industry demands.

Expanding landscape of 5G devices

Beyond smartphones, the 5G device ecosystem is experiencing exponential growth.

Augmented reality (AR) glasses, voice-activated devices and specialized IoT technologies are emerging as players in this ever-changing landscape.

These developments are transforming industries, improving communication and enabling remote healthcare services.

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Low-capacity devices: transmission and power efficiency

5G New Radio technology initially focused on optimized mobile broadband applications.

However, with the release of Release 17, Reduced Capacity (RedCap) specifications were introduced.

These devices offer a balanced solution, addressing cases of low transmission speed, cost and energy efficiency. This approach ensures an optimal experience by considering data rate, latency and battery life.

Ambient IoT: no battery, no limits

The crown jewel in this revolution is the category of environmental IoT devices. Operating exclusively on energy drawn from their environment, these devices eliminate the need for batteries.

Characterized by their small size, low cost and ultra-low power consumption, they are finding applications in a variety of sectors, from inventory management to environmental sensors.

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A new era of connectivity

The integration of 5G devices into the battery-free Internet of Things represents a revolution in the way we interact with technology.

From increased mobility to the expansion of ambient IoT devices, we are witnessing a significant transformation.

5G Americas, through its analysis, has provided us with a clear vision of this new era, where efficiency and innovation are the pillars of future connectivity.

This is a bold step towards a tomorrow where devices are not only interconnected, but also free from the limitations of conventional batteries.

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