5G and MVNOs: the alliance of the future for new opportunities

In the changing world of telecommunications, collaboration, opportunity and optimism are intertwined in the exciting territory of Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) in the 5G era.

In this Guinea Mobile article, we will delve into the key points discussed during the “5G & Next Generation MVNOs” virtual conference organized by TeleSemana.com on its 20th anniversary.

From the insightful reflections of industry leaders to the perspectives of the MVNOs themselves we explore how the arrival of the fifth mobile generation is shaping this sector and offering unprecedented opportunities.

The impact of 5G on the MVNO market

Rafael Junquera, editorial director of TeleSemana.com, raised a fundamental question at the start of the event: how will the arrival of the 5G era impact the MVNO market? Will there be disruptions? Will this new technology benefit MVNOs?

These questions resonated throughout the congress, as participants explored how 5G is reshaping the industry.

Boris Velandia, vice president and general manager of Wholesale for AT&T Mexico, noted that MVNOs rely heavily on the technologies available. Those with access to a variety of alternatives are more likely to succeed.

Velandia highlighted how the MVNO market has matured in Latin America and how AT&T, rather than looking for volume, is focused on selecting strategic partners that fit its expectations.

Since its inception in the past decade, the MVNO market in Mexico has experienced significant growth. The national roaming model allowed 100 MVNOs to emerge, including six relevant ones.

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Challenges for MVNOs in the 5G era.

In addition, some MVNOs are bringing connectivity to remote areas, thus democratizing access to the new technology.

In 2020, AT&T decided to get into the wholesale business and negotiated an agreement with Telefonica to route all of its network traffic through AT&T, making it one of the most important contracts globally.

This partnership gave them a strong customer base and the ability to consider adding more MVNOs in the future.

Despite the opportunities, MVNOs face significant challenges in 5G deployment. These range from selling devices to marketing services.

Velandia stressed the importance of defining a differentiated strategy, as lack of differentiation will make it difficult for an MVNO to get started. Specialization is presented as a key need for success, taking advantage of all the opportunities it offers.

MVNOs panel: challenges and opportunities

The event culminated with a panel of MVNOs from the region sharing their first-person experiences and perspectives, each panelist representing a unique view of the market.

Allan Ajuz, CEO of Telecall, highlighted how they started as a B2B MVNO for fixed wireless connectivity and evolved to become a full MVNO. In Brazil, the fragmentation of the fiber-to-the-home market has created opportunities for MVNOs.

Ariel Fernandez, president of CALATEL and Argentine MVNO Imowi, presented himself as a facilitator that enabled cooperatives to become MVNOs. He highlighted the importance of bringing 5G to areas where traditional operators have not yet reached.

Israel Madiedo, Director of Innovation and Technology at Izzi, stressed the importance of specialization and agility in the MVNO market.He mentioned that 5G goes beyond radio and is based on services and convergence.

Impact of 5G on MVNOs

In summary, the “5G & Next Generation MVNOs” event highlighted the opportunities and challenges that 5G presents for MVNOs. As this new technology is deployed in Latin America and beyond.

MVNOs have the opportunity to specialize in specific market niches, collaborate with other market players and differentiate themselves. Specialization, agility and opportunity identification will be critical to the success of MVNOs.

As 5G continues to evolve, MVNOs are poised to play a crucial role in adopting this new technology and meeting the needs of specific market niches.

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Collaboration between MVNOs, ISPs and other market players will open new doors in areas such as IoT, private networks and specialized services. The future of MVNOs in the 5G era is full of opportunities and optimism.

Their collaboration and specialization will make them prominent players in the mobile communications ecosystem. Take advantage of the opportunity to enter this market with Guinea Mobile, contact us for a personalized consultancy.