5G network conquers Mexico with 6.6 million users

The technology revolution has reached new heights in Mexico with the successful deployment of the 5G network, a feat that has led to approximately 6.6 million users being immersed in this advanced technology.

In this Guinea Mobile article, we will explore how the 5G network landscape is evolving in Mexico, from coverage expansion to economic impact and future prospects.

How the 5G network works in Mexico

5G is the fifth generation of mobile technology, which promises to be faster and more efficient than its predecessors, 4G and 3G.

In Mexico, its implementation is in full swing and the main telecommunications companies achieved, during the last few years, its deployment throughout the country.

According to figures from AT&T Mexico, by the end of 2022 at least 31 Mexican cities already had 5G technology and it is expected that a large number of new locations in the country will be connected to the new network in the coming months.

Since February 2022, is when Telcel launched its 5G network in Mexico, at the beginning it was available in 18 cities with the promise of expanding coverage to the main cities in the country, totaling 120.

According to a press release, Telcel’s 5G network currently covers 104 cities in Mexico. In Mexico, telecommunications companies began in 2021 to invest in the implementation of 5G, and this technology was launched on February 22, 2022.

In general, users have noticed a noticeable improvement in download speed and connection quality.

Deployment of the 5G network in Mexico

Almost two years after the commercial launch of 5G in Mexico, coverage has been extended to 125 cities in the country. This deployment has positioned Mexico as a key player in the adoption of 5G technology in Latin America.

Users of the 5G network experience average download speeds of 274 Mbps, a significant jump compared to the 11 Mbps of 4G users in the country.

This speed increase has redefined the user experience, enhancing activities such as video calls, gaming, augmented reality applications and viewing videos in 4K or 360° format.

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Economic impact of the 5G network in Mexico

The Ericsson ConsumerLab study reveals that 11% of users are willing to pay more for premium 5G services, highlighting the market’s demand and willingness to access enhanced technological experiences.

According to Ericsson, the 5G network has the potential to generate 1.6 million jobs in Latin America, with an estimated economic impact of US$55 billion in the region.

In Mexico, 43% of this economic impact is expected to be reflected in services, 29% in manufacturing and 11% in utilities and construction.

Potential for transformation in industry and entrepreneurship.

The 5G network not only strengthens the economy, but also digitizes and modernizes Mexican industry.

It also acts as a catalyst for new businesses with a technological focus, providing significant opportunities for the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Mexico. Innovation becomes the engine for sustainable and dynamic growth.

It is projected that 5G adoption could contribute to Mexico’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth in the range of 0.3% to 0.46% by 2035.

To achieve this, an estimated investment of US$2.4 billion would be required in 5G network development, an investment that would generate substantial benefits totaling US$15 billion, with a remarkable cost-benefit ratio of 6.3.

Benefits of 5G in Mexico
The figures indicate that all economic sectors will benefit from faster connectivity, resulting in higher productivity.

With the successful deployment of this new technology, Latin America’s gross domestic product (GDP) could be increased by almost US$293 billion over a decade.

Once implemented, 5G technology is expected to promote the adoption of new technologies and transform existing ones.

In addition to improving the speed of cell phones, fifth-generation technology will have diverse applications, from augmented reality and artificial intelligence to greater connectivity of everyday internet-connected devices.

The interconnection of inanimate objects with the network without human intervention, also known as the “internet of things” or IoT, will be increasingly present in everyday life.

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It is estimated that by the end of 2025 there will be approximately 1.2 billion IoT connections. The deployment of the 5G network in Mexico not only redefines connectivity and user experience, but also promises significant economic impact.

From generating jobs to transforming industry and fostering entrepreneurship, the 5G network is laying the foundation for a vibrant and economically prosperous technological future in Mexico.

Investing in this technology is not only a bet on speed, but also on sustainable growth and continuous innovation.

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