AT&T MVNO: Largest operator increases growth by more than 15% in the U.S. thanks to MVNOs

Although Europe has established itself as the best market for virtual cell phone companies thanks to the results seen in Spain, this business model has managed to reach international markets.

This is why, little by little, the number of available options that seek to be the best mobile company in their market has been increasing, and has managed to capture the attention of large established telcos that have decided to try their luck with these companies.

In the following article from Guinea Mobile, discover the case of AT&T MVNO, which is among the largest cell phone companies in the United States and currently continues to grow hand in hand with the MVNO.

Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs)

Mobile Virtual Network Operators or MVNOs are telecommunications companies without their own server or network as part of their infrastructure, but which still offer the corresponding services.

For the part of the radio they need to operate, they obtain it through a Mobile Network Aggregator (MVNA) that provides the network of MNOs or traditional cell phone companies as needed.

With benefits such as the backing of these larger and better known telcos for network and coverage, their flexibility and ease of adapting new technologies, they also offer low-cost services.

Thanks to MVNOs and mobile virtual network enablers (MVNEs), which are in charge of the operation and infrastructure, it is now very easy for brands from any industry to reach the telecommunications market.

This is why most markets in different countries have at least one representative of this business model, and large cell phone companies have their own MVNOs, with a view to this being the future of the industry.


Being one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world, this American company offers different services to users at a multinational level, such as telephony, Internet and television.


Founded in 1885, American Telephone & Telegraph, began as a subsidiary of Alexander Graham Bell’s company: Bell Telephone Company, 5 years before consolidating under the name by which it is known today.

At present, and after many changes due to different problems while a good telecommunications market was being formed, it constitutes a large part of the system used by its original company, with 22 operating companies and its long distance division.

Being a company with so many years, it has had to adapt over the years to the needs of users and international markets, and this is no exception, as it recognizes the impact that virtual mobile telephony companies can have and has decided to take advantage of this business model.


As a traditional mobile operator, this company has an important role as it is also considered AT&T MVNO, since this means that it is the network that provides its coverage and radio so that virtual mobile telephony companies can operate.

In addition, in many cases the MNOs themselves are not only a part of the mobile virtual network operators, but may also own them, together with other brands, in order to bring their services to international markets.

AT&T, for its part, has around 10 MVNOs to which it provides its network, of which 6 use its network and those of other telcos such as Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint, with fewer of these companies than other telecommunications companies.

Of these, the best mobile company that only uses AT&T’s network is Cricket, which offers plans starting at 30 dollars and 5G coverage, encouraging the use of family plans offering greater benefits and no annual contracts.

For its part, Consumer Cellular is another great AT&T MVNO option, since, together with T-Mobile, it offers very affordable plans that have become popular among seniors, being possible to modify the plans as many times as required according to the user’s needs.

MVNO market in the United States

telecomunicaciones estados unidos

The telecommunications market in the United States in general has managed to develop different options for mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs), as there are several companies in the same field that have noticed the opportunity that this means.

So much so that recently, the telecommunications company T-Mobile has decided to buy one of the best known MVNOs in the country, which is also known by one of the representatives of the project, Ryan Reynolds.

Besides Mint Mobile and Consumer Cellular, Metro, Google Fi, Simply Mobile, Ultra Mobile, Tello, Boost Mobile and Unreal Mobile, are great representatives of this business model for being the best options for users.

Now that you know how the best mobile company in the United States helps its MVNO market to grow, take advantage of the opportunity to take your brand to the telecommunications market with the tools available from Guinea Mobile. Contact us for a personalized consultation.