Why become an MVNO as a tour operator?

The world of telecommunications is constantly evolving, offering new opportunities for companies in various sectors. Within this scenario, tourism companies find in the Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) model an attractive proposal to expand their services and offer added value to their customers.

This article explores the advantages of becoming an MVNO, especially for tour operators, analyzing market trends and the opportunities presented by this strategy.

Understanding the MVNO

Before delving into the specific reasons, it is essential to understand what an MVNO is. By its acronym, Mobile Virtual Network Operator, it refers to a mobile network operator that does not own the telecommunications infrastructure but has agreements to use the network of a traditional mobile operator. This allows them to offer services under their own brand.

Market trends for MVNOs in the travel industry

The travel industry is incredibly dynamic, and today’s travelers are looking for a complete experience that includes not only accommodation and transportation, but also connectivity during their trip.

This is where the MVNO business model comes into play, aligning with the following trends and opportunities:

Growing demand for personalized mobile services.

Consumers are increasingly looking for services that are tailored to their specific needs, including in the area of mobile connectivity. Travel companies can take advantage of this trend by offering customized plans and services through an MVNO, meeting the expectations of travelers who want tailored solutions.

Growing popularity of eSIM technology

eSIM technology allows users to activate a cell phone plan without the need for a physical SIM card, further facilitating global connectivity. For travel companies, adopting eSIM means offering a more seamless and convenient experience to travelers, who can subscribe to mobile services before they even arrive at their destination.

Expansion of 5G networks

The global rollout of 5G networks promises to revolutionize mobile connectivity with ultra-fast internet speeds and increased network capacity. For a tourism-focused MVNO, this represents the opportunity to offer high-speed data services, ideal for video streaming, online gaming and other data-intensive applications that travelers may wish to use during their travels.

Opportunities for MVNOs

Focus on niche markets

MVNOs in the travel industry can focus on niche categories, such as luxury travelers, budget travelers or adventure travelers, to differentiate themselves from traditional mobile network operators and gain a competitive advantage.

Integration with emerging technologies

MVNOs in the travel industry can leverage emerging technologies such as 5G, IoT and AI to create innovative mobile services that deliver a seamless and personalized experience to travelers.

Benefits of becoming an MVNO as a Travel operator.

Here are some potential benefits:


By becoming an MVNO, a tour operator can offer own-brand mobile services to its customers, such as data, voice and SMS. This can enhance the customer experience and add value to their tour services.

Improved brand recognition and loyalty:

By providing mobile services under their own brand, tour operators can increase brand recognition and loyalty. Customers prefer to choose travel companies that provide a full range of services, including mobile services.

Revenue diversification:

Becoming an MVNO can also provide a new revenue stream for tour operators. By reselling mobile services, you can earn revenue from customers beyond your core services.

Improved customer experience

By offering services such as mobile payments, location-based services and real-time customer support, you can improve the overall customer experience, leading to better customer satisfaction and retention.

Greater control

Becoming an MVNO gives you more control over your customers’ mobile service needs, allowing you to customize services to your specific business needs based on the customer segment you address – Niche, Luxury, Budget, etc.

Global connectivity for your customers with MVNO services

As an MVNO, tour operators have the ability to offer global coverage and customized roaming packages that precisely match the needs of their travelers. They can provide local SIM cards for specific countries, which include unlimited data, calls and text messages at a fixed price, even before your tour group embarks on the trip.

This eliminates the need to change SIM cards or face high roaming charges during international travel, a highly attractive feature.

Tour operators

Within tourism, you will find a wide variety of companies that are dedicated to serving as tools for people who are going to get to know a place to fill themselves with its culture, landscapes and history.

And when we talk about tourism, travel and movement, it is important to have ways of communication, not only of the staff but also in logistics, no matter where they are.

Thus, through MVNO technology it is easy to apply internet plans that meet these needs without resorting to large operators or plans aimed at a general public that we usually find in the market.

Bearing in mind the importance of using a network that communicates and connects as much as possible, Guinea Mobile uses Claro’s network so that the customized systems that are created can be used everywhere.


In summary, becoming an MVNO represents an innovative strategy for tour operators seeking to offer added value and enhance the customer experience in a competitive market.

By adopting this model, companies not only respond to the growing demand for personalized mobile connectivity and services, but also position themselves to take advantage of eSIM technology and 5G networks.

Benefits include revenue diversification, service customization, and a notable competitive advantage.

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