What are the benefits of an MVNO?

If you are not yet familiar with the term MVNO, it is important that you get to know it as soon as possible. In short, MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operators) are communication service providers that do not operate with their own infrastructure but rather rent the infrastructure of a traditional mobile network operator in order to offer their services.

So then, why buy communication services from an MVNO, instead of an MNO (mobile network operator)? Since MVNOs don’t have their own network, they must have lower quality and be more expensive, right? The answer is no.

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MVNOs offer several relevant benefits, let’s take a look at the most important ones:

The service offered by an MVNO is designed for the customer’s needs. MNOs usually offer very generic services, trying to serve millions of consumers and businesses with a standardised approach. And this complicates certain market niches. An MVNO offers a more personalized service that is more suitable for the client.

An MVNO focuses on specific market segments, offering customized plans designed for that segment, to both consumers (youth, travelers, university students) and businesses (workforce, supply chains, etc)

Service approach. Since it does not require a large workforce and investment to build and maintain networks, MVNOs can fully focus on serving customers and therefore obtain a higher customer satisfaction compared to MNOs.

Lower prices. For the reasons previously mentioned, MVNOs can generally offer lower prices and higher benefits compared to MNOs. Because MVNOs rent the infrastructure at a wholesale price, this allows them to better manage their fixed costs, profit margins and final price to the public.

The benefits of having network infrastructure independence

For business customers, connectivity is essential, therefore the ability to use different networks within a single contract allows for higher time of activity and more flexibility.

For example, there can be many large companies that need specific business plans, like long distance calls to certain countries, high speed data use their mobile devices as internet points, or to develop work in different places according to their activities.

Or like with users that are looking for more activity on social media, it has already been a trend in the last few years to offer plans with more gigas available for browsing social networks or messaging services such as Whatsapp, Messenger, Telegram, etc. since they are more valued and more used.

The plans specifically designed for internet browsing turn out to be more effective than traditional mobile plans designed around individual SIM cards for use in a phone that have a limited use.