The 3 best IoT devices

The internet of things has come to provide even more optimal solutions and innovations as part of the 2023 technology, always presenting itself in constant innovation, so that it is necessary to be all the time recognizing the updates presented.

The tools of the internet of things are striking for their versatility and simplicity, which they present without losing their great usefulness, as it is a great representative of the technology that brings the digital era.

In the following article of Guinea Mobile, find out more about the best IoT devices currently available so you can take advantage of this tool within your company or as an end user.

What are IoT devices?

IoT devices are nothing more than smart objects that are connected to each other and to the internet so that they can collect and exchange information, thus being able to deliver more complete end results.

This is possible thanks to different sensors, software and any kind of technology that helps these IoT tools to communicate with each other, without the need for great effort, so it is expected to offer more and more products with this capability.

This is how we see homes full of these devices to make the control of the different functions of the home easier and above all, efficient, even optimizing the use of energy.

Types of IoT

Just as there are Internet of Things tools for homes, there is talk today of projects that can count on these at the level of smart cities, because there are great benefits that can be taken advantage of, there are so many possibilities that it is possible to classify them as follows:

IoT for users

As the name implies, these IoT tools are designed for end users, so their functions are focused on daily and everyday use, in this category we can find voice assistants and other home devices.

tipos iot

IoT for enterprises

For more commercial companies, such as retailers, fast food, restaurants, service companies, among others, this tool gives the possibility to keep in order the internal organization at the same time that the part that goes to consumers.

Industrial IoT

On the industrial side, we can find the benefits of IoT devices throughout the supply chain, especially when it comes to safeguarding the conditions of raw material and final product warehouses.

Infrastructure IoT

Within this category are classified systems in general, intended for infrastructure management, as proposed by smart cities, which is a proposal of the 2023 technology and needs this tool for all its operation.

Top 3 IoT devices

Amazon: voice assistant

The first and most important within the most prominent tools of the internet of things is Amazon as a voice assistant, which despite already finding more options on the market, is one of the most complete and useful currently.

Thanks to this device it is possible to control home functions such as lights, alarms, refrigerator temperature and even at a personal level, you can answer calls, play music or search the internet instantly without having to type it.

While it is necessary to have other smart devices at home to get the most out of Amazon’s proposal, Alexa is increasingly in different homes that take advantage of its connectivity.

August Smart Lock

This security device is a smart lock that promises optimal management of access and exit to a home in a much simpler way through Internet of Things technology.

This is installed on the door of the home, replacing traditional locks and managing to be operated from any smartphone and other compatible devices, to control entry to the home no matter where the user is.


iot smartwatches

This type of IoT tools is actually one of the most useful currently, and is probably the most used for its variety and ease of use and to get, because it is a type are devices in which has been working for several years so that users have access to its benefits.

Within this category we can find smartwatches, earpods or bluetooth headphones, health devices, virtual reality, air tags and others, which we can take with us anywhere, as they are intended for everyday use.

Thus, the Internet of Things continues to offer solutions that hope to be coupled to the daily life of users to facilitate these tasks, and thus make it easier and more efficient to manage and take advantage of all the tools available.

Now that you know more about the 2023 technology proposed by IoT through its devices, discover more tools available for your company. Contact us for a personalized consultancy.