Discover the first bank to launch its MVNO in Brazil: BMG Bank

BMG is a bank whose main vision is to reinvent itself to improve the credit experience for its customers.

Innovation has been part of their daily routine since July 31, 1930, when they became one of the first banks in Brazil. From then until today they have made many changes that allowed them to have some important moments commercially speaking:

They were pioneers in offering consigned credit, which democratized access to credit with lower interest rates.

They have the largest network of correspondent banks in the country, extending opportunities throughout Brazil.

Created digital accounts that, in addition to being free, help users to save money

The intention of the BMG bank to create its own virtual mobile operator arose from the need to improve interaction with its users, providing them with many more facilities, including the purchase of equipment in installments through credit.

This allowed to improve customer loyalty with the bank and thus be able to cover a market that was not contemplated at first, in the following article of Guinea Mobile we tell you more about the BMG Chip and the mobile offer of this bank.

What is Bmg Chip?

With the strategy of expanding its product portfolio, Bmg Bank launches its mobile virtual operator, a prepaid cell phone plan developed especially for Bmg Bank customers. Created in partnership with Surf Telecom, and TIM networks, Bmg Chip works in a similar way to conventional telephone operators, but with the difference of giving special advantages to the bank’s customers.

How does your mobile offer work?

The BMG Chip can be requested by the bank’s customer after signing one of its benefit plans: Top (R$ 39.90/month) or Flex (R$ 19.90/month). From then on, every month and without paying anything extra for it, the customer receives a 4G data package, minutes of calls to use at their convenience, the amount of SMS that vary according to the plan, and WhatsApp without spending mobile data.

“The benefit plans, in addition to giving access to mobile telephony with one of the most competitive prices in the market, confer exclusive discounts in the Bmg online store and higher cashback percentages for purchases made with Bmg debit or credit. In this way, Bmg Bank creates products that not only reduce telephone costs, but also return a percentage of what is spent to the customer’s account,” explained Roberto Amud, superintendent of digital products at Bmg.

Main advantages for banks in launching their mobile offerings

Track record: Because most customers have been managing their accounts with a bank for years, a trusted bank-customer relationship is established.

Market segments: Adding a mobile offering to expand banking services can attract more customers and create a more stable market position.

Credit history: Banks have access to their customers’ credit histories so they can tailor mobile subscriptions to suit them.

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Mobile subscriptions as a customer loyalty strategy

Bmg Chip is part of Bmg Bank’s digital strategy, that is, the union of the best of the physical and digital worlds to transform the way financial services are used in Brazil.

Bmg is constantly studying innovative ways to simplify the lives of its customers, developing products and solutions that truly meet the needs of Brazilians from different social classes and regions of the country.

Bmg’s expectation is that in the future all of its account holders will use Bmg Chip as their primary mobile plan, either by customers who opt for portability or account holders who decide to acquire a new number.

“Bmg customers gain a new connectivity option, with the Bmg Chip being an important loyalty tool for the bank’s customers, with many cross-benefit possibilities for both companies,” said Davi Fraga, Chief Customer Officer of Surf.

Segmentation in the mobile offer

It is important to consider that an MVNO is oriented to offer services in a more segmented way, while traditional mobile operators tend to be more massive.

In the case of Bmg Bank, they focus mainly on their customers of the financial institution, thus becoming a virtual mobile operator that offers mobile lines focusing on a niche market.

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