Customer Loyalty Strategies for companies: We explore three examples

We live in a consumer society, where day after day marketing and advertising are part of our lives and daily routines. Different brands carry out campaigns so that we choose to be their customer. For example, in the morning, as you go for a run along the Miraflores boardwalk, when you return you stop by a store and have to choose between a Gatorade or a Powerade. This is where the concept of customer loyalty comes in.

Customer loyalty consists of a brand retaining earned customers, so that these customers continue to buy your products and services thanks to the positive experiences they have obtained when choosing your company.

There are certain key concepts for customer loyalty. For example, establishing a personalized treatment, building a lasting relationship, offering a privileged user experience, among others. Let’s go ahead and explore some relevant examples of customer loyalty strategies.

In the following article by Guinea Mobile, we will present a brief analysis of the strategies that companies choose to retain their customers. For this, we will review three cases of companies and their strategies.


Apple is one of the most recognized and popular companies in the world. Apple sells electronic devices, including computers, smartphones, software and other systems. In terms of brand loyalty, Apple also ranks as one of the most important.

To this date, we have more than 15 versions of the iPhone, the line of high-end smartphones marketed by Apple.

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Why do people keep buying the IPhone and other Apple products time after time?

Apple manages to place their products in the mind of the consumer in a very positive way. Of course, it is a fact that all the products they offer are of the highest quality, one of the best smartphone in the industry.

Apple products have a very attractive design and are very easy to use. With the slogan of “Think different”, Apple invites its customers to feel part of a privileged community. When a consumer buys an Apple product, what they are looking for is the brand. Apple’s brand value distinguishes itself from its competitors and builds customer loyalty. Apple convinces the users that their experience will always be better than with other companies.

Apple makes itself feel indispensable in the lives of their customers by giving them a status and sense of belonging. Another loyalty factor is that Apple consumers give very positive references of the brand.

Apple’s brand value is associated by consumers with innovation and high quality in technology products.

Coca Cola

The Coca Cola brand is so extraordinary that, according to studies, it is recognized by 95% of the world population. Coca Cola is distinguished for its excellent advertising campaigns and also for having an excellent relationship with its clients where the company appeals to the emotions of their customers. This concept is called emotional marketing.

Moe than just a refreshing soda, Coca Cola manages to sell an experience. In its loyalty marketing campaigns, through its commercials, Coca Cola has gained the association of their brand with the concept of “happiness”. For example, a commercial that shows two friends lying on the beach drinking Coca Cola. What they are selling you, more than the product, is the experience of happiness and good vibes. In this way, Coca Cola builds customer loyalty.

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Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters is a retail store that sells clothing and fashion items, mostly from independent brands. After its resounding success in the United States, in recent years Urban Outfitters has expanded and opened in cities like Barcelona and London. Today they already have more than two hundred stores in the world. In its stores, Urban seeks to adapt to the local consumer with its long repertoire of modern international fashion for young people and adults who want to feel “alternative”.

Urban works as a space where brands of different types are mixed, from their own brand to several small independent brands. The client knows that in this space they will find different options to the traditional clothing store.

How does Urban Outfitters retain its customers?

Urban offers a membership where the client can access different benefits. The client receives for example special discounts, and thus the membership ends up being an excellent incentive.

When companies manage to retain their customers and develop a positive relationship between their clients and the company so that they continue to purchase their products and services, customer loyalty is achieved. In addition, on various occasions, it is more feasible to retain customers than to search for new ones. Customer loyalty also benefits the brand since this way there will be customers recommending and creating positive references for the brand.

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