Customer retention: MVNO approach to telecommunications

Despite the lack of variety in the telecommunications market, it is common to see users migrating from one telephone company to another, either to take advantage of current offers or to find inconveniences with their current service.

This is why companies are constantly looking for new strategies to retain customers and ensure that customers find what they need in their current service and are more than satisfied with it.

In the following article from Guinea Mobile, find out how the MVNO approach can benefit customer retention now that it is an increasingly present option in this market.

Telecom MVNO companies

This business model is becoming increasingly popular as it expands and reaches more countries. Currently, it is already present in Latin America, hoping to have the great success it found in Spain, where thanks to the years and great variety of options, it has managed to consolidate itself.

Although the services are very similar to those of other companies in the market, telecommunications MVNOs offer different benefits, since they do not have their own network and outsource it, so they do not make this investment.

In this way, they allow companies already present in the market to extend their brand to this market under the coverage and quality of larger companies that users already know and are more accustomed to using.

Customer retention strategies to prevent migration

The rate of migration from one telephone company to another is usually high, because despite finding few options, especially for the Peruvian market, and despite the fact that these are similar when it comes to large companies, customers migrate from one operator to another.

This can happen for different reasons, such as better plans, with minimum difference, greater benefits, discounts for a limited time, purchase of equipment, among others, so companies are constantly looking for customer retention strategies.

Discover the best strategies offered by the MVNO telecommunications approach:

Customer focus

Among their main advantages, MVNOs stand out for focusing on a specific market as they see fit, whether they are young people, seniors, tourists, or even targeting the market of their main brand.

As has been done by soccer teams in Brazil, which have launched MVNO lines to diversify the brand, and have managed to find a market in the team’s fans, a market segment to which to offer their services.

mvno futbol

Finding an unattended segment in the market is not difficult, especially in countries where the MVNO is not so present, as large companies tend to be more general in the services they offer.

This is an opportunity for mobile virtual network operators to focus on customers with specific needs, presenting unique plans that attract their attention and find in a brand the benefits that really suit them.

More personalized attention

Many times customers wait for a complaint to try to improve, when in reality, many of them just find the problem and decide to migrate to another operator without notifying that something is not working for them.

To avoid this, it is necessary to be in constant communication with the users, to know how they are doing with the service, what they expect or how you can improve as a company to offer the best final product to your customers.

Incentivize permanence

Something that is commonly done is to give discounts or greater benefits in the plans to users who pay their bills on time, or even who have been with a brand for a long time.

There are also different reasons why users can be encouraged to stay with the brand, and in this way demonstrate that they are important, something that makes a difference in today’s consumer, who values feeling appreciated and part of the company.

User benefits

beneficios clientes

Take advantage of the fact that telecommunications are necessary for everyone, both users and companies, and create strategic alliances or a good networking that allows you to offer benefits that go beyond the services you offer as an operator.

This is even easier when it comes to MVNO companies, since they usually come from other industries and have a customer base that already knows them and buys their services, so they can offer offers or coupons for the main area of your brand.

In the case of retailers entering the telecommunications market, you can offer discounts or exclusive offers within your stores and thus you can also increase their sales.

All these strategies achieve customer retention, taking advantage of the benefits of an MVNO, as these solutions are seen as the future of telecommunications for many, as has been achieved in Europe and is trying to develop worldwide.

Now that you know some strategies to retain customers through the MVNO approach, take advantage of the opportunity to take your brand to this market, contact us for a personalized consultancy.