Enacom Argentina sets guidelines and conditions for MVNOs

As the mobile telephony MVNO is so new in Latin America compared to other countries such as Spain, and even because of its level of development in some parts of the continent, it is normal that the rules continue to be modified.

This is because as more options come to the telecommunications market and more companies and users discover the benefits of this business model, it is necessary to find the weaknesses that occur and work on them.

In the following article from Guinea Mobile, learn about this MVNO news about the modification of the guidelines and conditions set by Enacom Argentina so that mobile virtual network operators can fully compete with telecommunications companies.

MVNO Market in Argentina

Although in Argentina the development of mobile virtual network operators started later than in other countries, so there are not so many options at the moment, we can still highlight the great progress that has been made in the last year.

Among the most recent MVNO telephony, we find Imowi, which was presented as a great base to continue with the development of the telecommunications market, since this business model is here to stay.

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In general, the best positioning in these markets is still being worked on, but it is expected that the arrival of more and more MVNOs and companies will support their development, as well as MVNAs and MVNEs, and of course, the state itself.

Argentine Enacom sets guidelines and conditions for MVNOs

Thus, as mobile virtual telephony is being integrated into the market, it is necessary to review its processes in order to improve and promote them, without harming and in search of support from traditional mobile operators.

For this reason, the Ente Nacional de Comunicaciones de Argentina (Enacom) announced in May of this year that some measures would be taken to allow two large telecommunications companies to host Telecentro as an MVNO.

All this came about as a result of the 5G tender that took place in the country during the first months of this year, starting with 300 MHz in 3.5 GHz that they hope to add also to improve their current network.

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In general, this offered a very favorable outlook for the telecommunications market for all that this auction brings, however, it was these large telcos that have not been completely satisfied.

This is due to the fact that one of the first virtual mobile operators, Telecentro, was allowed to be part of quadruple play, that is, to offer fixed telephony, mobile, Internet and cable TV.

The problem is that being an MVNO, and entering completely into the market of these telecommunications companies that have been in the market for years, they do not consider it a fair competition because it is a low-cost business model and offers other benefits.

Still, this is something that needs to be worked on, as this is finally considered in many places the future of this market, and in other countries it is already much more developed.

Role of traditional telcos for MVNO telephony

As a result of this MVNO news, and the concerned reaction of these large telcos, the question may arise as to what happens to these companies if their market is filled with virtual mobile operators.

However, this is not the end of traditional operators, as they are an important part of MVNOs, being the radio providers thanks to which they operate, providing them with their coverage and network.

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Likewise, thinking about completely removing these companies would not be beneficial, since the idea of having MVNOs goes hand in hand with offering a variety of options to users, and among these are those who will recognize the greatest benefits from them.

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Likewise, both parties are benefited, since thanks to the MVNOs, the brand and reach of the traditional Operators expands, even taking their 5G network with a better service to more places.

Meanwhile, MVNOs find in these telcos a support that backs and gives security to users, as well as the possibility of working with an already positioned company.

This is why both business models must work together to build trust and move together towards a market with better opportunities and greater use of technology that benefit the end consumer experience.Now that you know these MVNO news from Argentina and the role that virtual mobile operators leave for the traditional ones in the development of telecommunications, take the opportunity to be part of this market. Contact us for personalized advice.