Peru SIM: Guinea launches a MVNO for tourists

There are a number of mobile virtual network operators around the world targeting different markets in particular. While some offer very specific products or services, other operators target users with particular characteristics.

In Peru, there are many tourists arriving and in most cases they come with an international roaming plan that usually costs a lot of money. In addition to this, having a prepaid chip in Peru could be complicated due to the documentation required to access one. 

That is why Guinea Mobile, a few months ago, decided to launch the brand Peru SIM, an MVNO aimed at the needs of tourists visiting our country. In the following article we will explain more about this project.

How was the idea of creating an MVNO for tourists born?

The first step when launching a mobile proposal and any other business is to analyze the needs of the market and the resulting return on investment.

Peru is a very popular and attractive tourist destination; until a few years ago, tourism was the third largest foreign exchange earner. Based on this we were able to identify that many foreigners coming to visit the country had no way to connect to the internet, upload photos to social networks or communicate with their relatives and friends.

Traditional operators, which are oriented to large masses, did not satisfactorily meet the needs of this market niche. The mobile tariffs they offer can be expensive or simply difficult to access.

In Guinea we identified this problem and Peru SIM was born from the idea of satisfying the communication needs of tourists arriving in Peru.

I am Norwegian and I arrived in Peru as a tourist at the beginning, I understood the big problem involved in obtaining a chip here. There were long queues, many of the counselors do not speak English and it is not very easy to understand that you buy it as a tourist when you go to one of the customer service centers of the operators in Peru

With this in mind, I have always had in mind that there was a possibility to create a brand for tourists. For this, in January 2020, 3 months after our launch we started testing with Peru SIM. The tests had good results but when the pandemic arrived we had to put the project on pause, 2 years later, in February 2022 we received a proposal to rent a space in the new Tourist Information Center in Parque Kennedy, with this we were able to launch the brand.”

Victor Dyrnes, CGO and Co-founder of Guinea Mobile

PeruSIM’s main features 

Unlike other operators, Peru SIM offers several features that distinguish it in the mobile services market:

  • Simple purchase/activation flow: Users can purchase plans and SIM cards through the website, then they only have to come to our physical store in Miraflores so they can activate their mobile lines.
  • Support in English by WhatsApp: Compared to other operators, the support provided by PeruSIM is instantaneous (Whatsapp) and in English.
  • App in English: Since the most spoken language is English, the application is in this language, so that they can understand it.
  • Plans created for tourists: The plans are specifically oriented to them, even the payment method has the dollar as its main currency. This means that their plans are priced in dollars.
  • Cost: Acquiring a Peru SIM chip is much cheaper than accessing an international roaming plan.

PeruSIM’s growth projection

Peru SIM’s objective for this year is to open new points of sale in airports and large plazas in the cities most visited by tourists in Peru (Lima, Cusco, Arequipa, Ica and Puno).

Point of sale

Peru SIM’s main point of sale is located in Parque Kennedy. However, other channels such as WhatsApp, Email or phone calls can be used to answer questions.


If the mobile plan runs out, it is important to have the possibility to recharge it. However, this is an interesting point to highlight in Peru SIM. Tourists do not recharge, purchases of additional plans or packages are made through the mobile app, the point of sale or by a payment link that can be received via WhatsApp. 

The user can buy a chip through the website, make a pre-registration through the website or fulfill the entire flow with a salesperson at our point of sale. At the moment face-to-face activations are done for tourists. 

White Label Mobile Offer

Peru SIM is the third MVNO brand to be launched by Guinea after Cuy Movil and Wings Mobile (Peru). Our unique technology helps any type of company wishing to open its own mobile offering. If you are interested in creating a business model based on mobile subscriptions, contact us for personalized advice.