How the App Vendedor helps Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs)

In the mobile market there are a lot of tasks that occur behind the scenes when activating a data plan or sending a text message.

We know that mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) do not have their own infrastructure. Network operators (MNOs) are the ones that provide it to MVNOs for a set cost. This kind of business benefits both the operator and the consumer by buying network access and selling it to customers at more affordable prices compared to the MNOs.

Because of this, MVNOs can focus on specific target audience and customize their offerings, marketing, sales, billing support and customer services. This means that they need to adopt a sales system that will help them speed up and facilitate these processes. Guinea Mobile is a telecommunications service provider that has developed a platform that allows MVNOs to make their sales processes easier. In this article we will detail this platform developed by Guinea.

What is the Vendedor App?

The Vendedor App is an app developed by Guinea Mobile using Flutter technology, with the purpose of “selling”, as its name suggests. It’s an application that allows MVNO affiliates to generate activations and recharges to mobile line users of any mobile virtual network operator provided by Guinea.

The white label mobile offer

The development of the App Vendedor is within the different IoT solutions offered by Guinea, the white label mobile offer includes, branding, SIM cards and mobile applications (vendor and user with the company’s brand), channel support, expert advice from the team and mayo more. These solutions are designed for companies that have interests in developing their own mobile virtual network operator with their brand.

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Why the Vendedor app was developed

An MVNO works in a different way than a traditional telephone operator, they have several sales modalities, since being large companies they have the necessary budget to do so. On the other hand, a virtual mobile operator that is just starting may be more interested in online sales or a little physical sales. These costs can be minimized by developing a platform that allows the MVNO to sell lines in a simple way and with minimal costs.

That is why Guinea Mobile developed an application that allows its MVNOs to create a network of affiliates (vendors) to sell their mobile services (SIM Cards, recharges, line activations, etc).

The regular activation flow of a line does not allow the affiliate to keep track or manage its sales in an orderly manner. Since the activation is personal, it does not generate a commission for the salesperson. The growth of the affiliate network in the last year, generated that they manage their clients’ accounts with their own debit cards, putting their accounts at risk by being active in different cell phones at the same time.

Therefore, it was decided to develop an application that allows the correct management of activated lines and affiliates can generate commissions through their sales.

The affiliation process will depend on each MVNO, once they have their network of affiliates they will be able to use the App Vendedor to generate sales.

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The App Vendedor for banking (Financial Inclusion)

According to the ASBANC (Peruvian Banking Association) at the end of March 2021 in Peru approximately 44% of citizens had financial products (financial inclusion) and 42.2% had a bank account. For example, in cities where technology is not very present, only a few people have a bank account.

Therefore, a practical solution is offered by the Vendedor App. This allows people to transfer money from their bank of choice to Guinea to function as a recharge point, so that they can provide balance for the rest of the people who live nearby.

Functionalities of the Vendedor App

  • Recharge phone lines: Sellers will be able to add balances to existing lines.
  • Activate SIM Cards: Now with the latest updates vendors will be able to activate SIM Cards with biometric identification for Peruvian citizens.
  • Activate SIM Cards for foreigners
  • Sell SIM Cards
  • Register debit or credit cards
  • Ranking of vendors

Wings Mobile: Guinea’s virtual mobile operator using the App

Wings Mobile is a company that sells electronic products in several countries, establishing its own business model. In Peru they launched its own mobile virtual operator thanks to the IoT and mobile solutions provided by Guinea Mobile. Until now, it is the first MVNO that uses the Vendedor app and user app developed by Guinea.

What is Wings Mobile’s sales process like?

Wings Mobile has a network of affiliates throughout Peru. Each affiliate has a stock of SIM Cards to sell to customers in the country.

Achievements of the App Vendedor with Wings

S/.789,700.00 have been collected and more than 2,000 line activations and 35,924 operations have been carried out. This makes a total of S/.868,970 between active line recharges and activations (recharges included).

“I feel that the functions of the Wings App seller has made the SIM card sales process much easier for me, it’s like having everything in one”.

Sonia Moreno León – Sales Consultant at Wings Mobile.

Up to this point we have talked about IoT solutions provided by Guinea for the companies that want to create their own mobile company.

If you want to create your MVNO, in Guinea Mobile we can help you with different digital solutions. You can contact us if you are interested in starting your own mobile company.