Discover how to create your own MVNO with Guinea Mobile

Guinea Mobile is a telecommunications service provider that offers companies everything they need to create their own MVNO, without the need for prior knowledge of the sector.

It has an excellent team of professionals trained for the proper management of a mobile virtual network operator, also leases the Claro network (5G, 4.5G LTE, 4G y 3G) which has an excellent technological infrastructure so it has nationwide coverage. In addition to this, they complement the service with the personalization of both the application and the chips; without neglecting customer service.

When handling so much information such as age range, location, amount of gigabytes and minutes consumed, an analysis of this data is necessary. Therefore, Guinea is in charge of delivering reports that allow us to know all this information in detail.

What is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO)?

A mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) works in the same way as traditional telephone operators, except that MVNOs do not have their own infrastructure and lease it from traditional MNOs.

Benefits of MVNOs

Low prices:

Virtual mobile operators offer flexible plans that are within people’s reach, for that reason they are a good option away from the traditional companies that offer this service.


It expands much more the possibility to start working in a market where it is easy to gain an audience taking into consideration the segment you are targeting.

No-contract plans:

One of the advantages of virtual mobile operators is that they offer freedom to users to get a plan without the need to be tied to a contract that has them paying for a service for a long time.

importancia operador movil virtual guinea

Easy to start:

With the facilities offered by Guinea Mobile, you can have a quality service, fairly easy to start and without having to go through all the cumbersome licensing procedures and others that may affect the viability of the service.

What are the requirements to start your own MVNO?

  • Have an established brand or user base – this allows us to work with companies that can scale quickly and launch the mobile offering as a value-add.
  • Have established distribution channels or document the intention to invest enough in this to document the ability to scale quickly.
  • Finance letter that complies with the business model.
crea propio operador movil virtual

What is the procedure to start your own MVNO?

  • Receive a provisional budget to develop the platforms.
  • Together with our team of experts create the business model and projections.
  • Define all the technical details about the integration and changes in the mobile applications that Guinea will develop and customize for the company.
  • Define how they will complement the main products or services.
  • Verify if there is any integration by APIs to your CRM etc.
  • Define the type of support you are going to provide either by calls or mail?
  • Based on the business plan and the datasheets define a timeline and a final budget.

If you want to create your own Mobile Virtual Network Operator, in Guinea Mobile we can help you with different digital solutions. Contact us if you are interested in increasing customer loyalty, information and revenue through mobile subscriptions.