Inkacel: Former MVNO focused on the IoT market for transportation and public telephones

Inkacel is a company that provides public telephony services. In its mobile offering, there are TPI services (smart indoor payphones) and data transport services (GPS chips), small internet packages, which can range from 5 to 100mb.

Given the time it has been working with Guinea Mobile, it has been able to develop various types of solutions that allow it to have a better range of services and ease of customer-oriented work.

Below, we detail the IoT solutions that Guinea Mobile implemented for Inkacel distribution.

IoT and GPS

Tracking goods and production assets through IoT-based technology solutions provides great cost-saving results and reduced losses for businesses.

Tracking and protecting valuable or motorized assets is a major challenge for many industries. The market demands the most robust and accurate battery-powered GPS trackers to provide location and movement history, utilization reporting, preventive maintenance monitoring, misuse or abuse alerts and more applications with a single, simple tool.

The use of GPS does not require a plan with a lot of data, on the contrary, a plan of less than 100mb is enough to be able to track any transport.

M2M Business (Telemetry) – IoT in transport

chips gps inkacel

It is based on placing a GPS device in a mobile unit such as a truck, cab or any other type of vehicle. Basically, by means of the mobile signal emitted by Inkacel chips, the company can know where the vehicle is located. It must be understood that GPS devices do not consume large amounts of mobile data.

To cite an example, a transportation company has a fleet of cargo trucks. These trucks must be monitored both in location and route. By having a GPS device inside it, you can know specifically where it is and even calculate the time it may take to arrive.

What is SaaS (Software as a service)?

transporte de datos omv inkacel solucion iot guinea

Thanks to SaaS tools, neither the installation nor the operation of the applications require the user to use his own equipment (hardware). The SaaS delivery model emerged as a result of a drive to reduce software ownership costs as well as own IT resource requirements.

Another advantage is also the possibility of rapid deployment and outsourcing, which can always provide the end user with an important comparative advantage thanks to niche specialization.

Guinea has a SaaS-type CMS that allows its customers to self-manage their lines without having to resort to the operator. In other words, they can already have the SIM cards and activate the lines according to their needs. This will allow them to make significant savings since they will only activate SIMs based on day-to-day demand.

Additionally, this CMS will allow the end user to have a more direct after-sales service that does not go through an intermediary. In this way, the face-to-face assistance offered by a traditional operator can be omitted and companies such as Inkacel will have a better after-sales control with their end customers.

Without Guinea, Inkacel would have to go to an operator and order a large number of SIM cards that will be activated at the time of purchase. Regardless of their usage, they would have to start paying for them from that moment on.

TPI Solution

Quite apart from the data transport services (GPS chips) offered by Inkacel, they also add to their mobile offering the TPI services (smart indoor payphones) which work with Claro Peru’s network that is enabled by Guinea Mobile.

These phones work with GSM technology (mobile chips) IoT solution provided by Guinea and operate in prepaid mode.

Segmentation in the mobile offer

It is important to consider that an MVNO is oriented to offer services in a more segmented way, while mobile operators with a network tend to be more massive. Among the services offered by Inkacel, the use of mobile plans for GPS stands out. In this way, Inkacel becomes a virtual mobile operator that offers mobile lines focusing on a niche market.

In Guinea Mobile we care about being at the forefront of the latest technological advances in telecommunications, we provide different IoT digital solutions. Contact us if you are interested in receiving personalized advice.