International MVNA company arrives in Colombia

Telecommunications continue to change, and thanks to globalization, there are several successful companies that have managed to reach international markets to offer their proposals to different users.

Being a growing opportunity, MVNO telephony services have become an attractive option not only for a local telecommunications company, but also for large companies looking to take advantage of its benefits.

In the following article from Guinea Mobile, find out how Plintron Mobile, an MVNA and MVNE services company has arrived in Latin America, in this case Colombia, launching 4 mobile virtual network operators.

Two key concepts for MVNOs are Mobile Virtual Network Aggregator (MVNA) and Mobile Virtual Network Enabler (MVNE), as they are the ones that help these business models to work optimally.

MVNAs provide the provider’s network, in this case the traditional mobile telephony companies, to the MVNOs, according to how much of it they need for the public they are targeting.

While MVNEs are in charge of infrastructure, billing, provisioning, cost deferral, consulting, logistics and sometimes even after-sales service, being the experts capable of bringing any brand to the telecommunications market.

MVNOs are a business model that offers the benefit that brands from all industries can reach this market no matter how different it is, so we see soccer teams, technology companies and supermarkets as telecommunications companies.

For the most part, MVNA companies also offer MVNE services, as well as help with technology and IoT solutions, Big Data and others, both to companies in the sector, those coming from others and to users and companies.

Plintron Mobile Simplified
This company has been operating for more than 15 years now, and has managed to expand to more than 31 countries in different continents thanks to the solutions it offers, and still working to reach more.

Hand in hand with its 143 brands in different markets, and together with different MNOs, it has brought the benefits of Mobile Virtual Network Operators to users all over the world, from Hong Kong to Canada, recently reaching Latin America.

plintron colombia

Beginning its successful arrival in America in countries like Mexico, where after its first year, managed to launch 8 MVNOs with Altan Redes, taking into account that this is one of the countries with more options for this business model in this part of the continent, so it has been an achievement to enter this rapidly developing market

Plintron in Colombia
With the promise of continuing to bring its solutions to more parts of Latin America, Plintron has arrived in Colombia, after months of work and development with 4 MVNOs in its market and hoping to have as positive results as in Mexico.

Together with Tigo, Plintron officially arrived in this country in March, offering MVNO telephony services to brands in different areas such as fintech, tourism, retail, educational institutions, logistics services, among others.

When this telecommunications and technology company announced its arrival in different Latin American countries, more than 15 Colombian companies were already showing their support to the development of these solutions by this international company, so it is expected that in a year, the results will exceed the expected ones.

How to have a telecommunications company in Peru
Now that MVNO technology is gaining its place in the telecommunications markets, take advantage of the opportunity to take your brand to this area in Peru as well.

Guinea Mobile is backed by Claro, in addition to providing MVNA and MVNE solutions, along with a variety of technology to support the development of this important market for the country.

Discover how to create your own MVNO with Guinea Mobile

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Nowadays it is very easy to have a telecommunications company in Peru and in the world, as these business models have evolved to provide all possible facilities to companies.

As in other countries, MVNO telephony services are beginning to be recognized, but support is still needed from companies of any size and type seeking to diversify their brand.

In this way, it will be possible to work on improving confidence in this business model, as well as providing greater visibility to the advantages of being an MVNO to offer different options to users.

This is also why many international companies such as Vodafone and Orange Mobile have virtual mobile telephony brands in different parts of the world, to offer these opportunities to users and reach new markets.

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