Internet of things: Australia aprovecha esta herramienta para la gestión de agua

The Internet of Things is a very complete tool, as it has become the basis of many technologies, giving the opportunity for others to develop in a much more optimal way.

Considering how efforts are currently focused, and the ease of IoT to adapt to any sector, it is no surprise the impact it is causing in the care of the environment.

In the following article from Guinea Mobile, find out how the Internet of Things is being harnessed to care for the environment, as in the case of Australia, and how it is being harnessed to optimize water management.

What is the Internet of Things?

Known by its acronym in English as IoT, this tool is currently a very necessary basis for the development of others, as it offers the connection of any technological device.

Through software, systems, sensors, processing capacity and others, it converts normal objects into intelligent objects capable of exchanging information among themselves or connecting to the network.

Currently we see IoT technology present in many products, such as voice assistants, smartwatches, earpods and others, managing to connect even entire homes to a single device capable of managing these objects.

At the enterprise level, it also presents many solutions, such as systems where the data of an entire company is managed, having it available to whoever needs it and at any time, as well as in any part of the supply chain.

It is useful in any sector, such as agriculture, where it helps to monitor crops and the conditions in which they are grown, as well as automating processes in greenhouses and improving accuracy.

For tourism companies, it is present not only in the internal part of the company, but also for the same user as a traveler and as a customer of these companies, being found both in smart rooms, as well as in the management of luggage and the use of applications.

In the health sector, it fulfills different functions, it offers the control of patients with chronic diseases, through the management of information and data, in this sector we also see more and more inventions that use this technology.

IoT and its impact on environmental care

iot medio ambiente

Currently, technology is being created taking into account that many of the resources are in danger of running out, so there is talk of sustainable companies, which exercise thinking about the future as well.

The Internet of things has not been the exception, because beyond operating taking into account the care of resources, it has been seen as an opportunity to create tools for the care of the environment.

An example of this is the case of Vodafone, which presented this year at the Mobile World Congress its initiative to detect fires as soon as they start and thus reduce their consequences.

By applying IoT technology to monitor different forests from Securitas Operation Center (SOC), it will be possible to send an alarm to fire departments, so that measures are taken before encountering large-scale consequences.

Dyrad, a German company, was in charge of the development of this network to make this tool viable in these spaces, and it will be installed by SOC, hoping to start as soon as possible.

Australia leverages IoT technology for water management

The protagonist of the news is Sydney Water, a public company that is responsible for supplying water to Australia, and has found in the IoT an opportunity to optimize the use of this resource.

With an investment of $15 million, they expect to install more than 20,000 IoT technology devices in their infrastructure to make it easier to detect blockages and avoid wasting water.

It is expected that by the middle of next year this operation will be complete, in addition to working on installing more smart meters for users, so that they can also measure their consumption.

In this way, it will be easier to measure the way in which water is used, resulting in an optimization of the use of this resource and also to control the expenses generated by this service in real time.

iot optimizacion agua

This project will be of great help even worldwide, because like all technology, it is taken as an example, evaluating the advantages of having this tool, so it is expected to see how it reaches more parts of the world.

Knowing that it is the internet of things, it is easier to recognize its solutions, and it is that it gives the best basis to technology, working hand in hand with tools such as AI, Big Data, Cloud Computing, Business Intelligence and more.

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