Learn more about Guinea Mobile and the mobile services we offer

Guinea Mobile is a Latin American telecommunications technology startup, founded in 2016 and based in Lima, Peru.

We currently have two commercial brands: Cuy Movil and Wings Mobile. In the following Guinea mobile article, we will detail more about us and about the characteristics and traits of our services.

What is Guinea Mobile?

Guinea Mobile is a company operating in the telecommunications business. We provide companies and entrepreneurs with everything they need in order to launch their own mobile offer, without having previous knowledge of the industry.

We have a MVNO licence, integration to infrastructure from Claro Peru and a platform that links several services with each other. These services range from the legal area and all the necessary documentation all the way to the technological part that includes all the necessary integrations needed for the network you will use.

Unlike other mobile operators, an MVNO uses the infrastructure and network of another already existing mobile operator, in this case for Guinea we rent Claro’s (America Móvil) network.

What is Guinea’s value proposition?

We count with various allies in the telecommunications industry that allow us to impulse certain key resources and key services that lead us into achieving the success of our brand in the telecommunications sector. In order to do this, we have a series of processes that allow us to have various user interfaces, in addition to the latest generation data analysis, without overlooking the operating technology that is handled.

Prepaid chips with your own brand

In order to start managing the mobile line, we offer companies prepaid chips with their own brand printed on the SIM cards. With this, customers will begin to have an approach and start a relationship with the new virtual mobile operator that you are offering.

Mobile application with your own brand

With the intention of being able to activate your own mobile line, we offer an application that allows the user to self-manage and identify themselves in order to complete the data verification and consequently activate their prepaid chip with ease.

Data analytics and segmentation

Having an MVNO implies working with a large amount of data, for this reason we offer our clients a data analysis that allows them to know more about their clients and also the type of users they have.

guinea mobile telecomunicaciones omv

Customer Support

Mobile technical support is important in the process of walking with customers through their new mobile experience, this is why we also offer a customer service where an advisor will accompany customers solving their doubts and improving their interaction with the brand.

What makes us different?

Guinea Mobile is a company committed to its customers, we care about delivering an impeccable service with certain characteristics that stand out from the rest:

Time to enter the market

When making the decision to go in, you might have the idea that generating an MVNO can take a long time until you start having customers. However, with our service you will be able to enter the market and have mobile users in approximately 8 to 12 weeks.


You might have the idea that implementing a virtual mobile operator can involve a fairly large investment, in fact launching costs about 1 million dollars. With us, you save in processes, efforts and investment, since our standardized processes allow placing an MVNO on the market with an investment close to 100,000 dollars.


Given our experience in the sector, we are constantly providing knowledge and local experience in the telecommunications industry at a national level. The mobile operators market is constantly growing even more so considering the digitization of many services as education.

Processed data

We have built a great automation for cleaning and harnessing data. This allows us to generate reports that can be interpreted in a good manner and thus be able to deliver data with a greater possibility of understanding.

Data management also allows us to establish more personalized offers to our clients. It is worth mentioning that we handle data with responsibility, taking into account the law on the protection of personal data.

guinea mobile omv telecomunicaciones


In many cases, users need to self-manage their chips without having an advisor to help activate the chip. Thanks to the technology in Guinea Mobile, we have the only mobile app that allows the user to self-verify.

User experience

This application is very easy to personalize, thus having an incredible user experience that can be “rebranded” and commercialized in 8 to 12 weeks.

Now that you know more about Guinea Mobile, you already know a company that can help you develop your own MVNO. This way you can have a very profitable business that can help you get closer to the public in a massive way, covering various needs the Peruvian market faces today. If you wish to create your own virtual mobile operator, at Guinea Mobile we can help you with different digital solutions. Contact us if you are interested in increasing your customer loyalty, information and revenue through mobile subscriptions