Ministry of Transportation invests S/ 364 Million in telecommunications in Peru

In a significant push toward connectivity and digital development in Peru, the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC) has announced a substantial investment execution, reaching the figure of 364 million soles between January and October of 2023.

This allocation of resources, led by the National Telecommunications Program (Pronatel), has enabled substantial progress in the deployment of infrastructure such as fiber optics, allowing more Peruvian citizens to access the internet.

This article from Guinea Mobile will analyze in detail the investments and advancements achieved by Pronatel, highlighting their impacts and perspectives for the future of connectivity in Peru.

Transformation in the telecommunications industry

The telecommunications industry is working hard to narrow the digital divide that exists in the world; however, in recent years, there’s talk of a “sustainable gap.”

In which it is also essential to cooperate to shorten the change and cooperation of various industries for the benefit of the environment.

In this context, the field of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) can contribute to sustainability by applying its technologies, for example, in having better energy efficiency, green communication networks, and even ecological data centers for a valuable improvement in sustainability.

Accelerating national connectivity

Pronatel has played a crucial role in accelerating the deployment of fiber optics throughout the country.

This infrastructure is essential for bringing connectivity to remote regions and ensuring that more Peruvians, regardless of their geographical location, have access to high-speed internet.

The regional broadband project in Amazonas has experienced significant progress, with an investment execution of 11 million soles.

This achievement demonstrates a tangible commitment to closing the digital gap in less accessible regions, where connectivity is often limited.

Strategic investments in telecommunications

The MTC has allocated considerable resources to telecommunications concessions, with an execution of 2.1 million soles.

This strategic investment underscores the importance of strengthening communication infrastructure nationwide, which, in turn, supports the expansion of digital services across the country.

The Deputy Minister of Communications, Carla Sosa, emphasized that these efforts seek significant connectivity with a development and collaboration perspective.

The emphasis is on directing these interventions toward vulnerable people and unconnected areas, demonstrating an inclusive approach to ensure that all citizens can access the digital age.

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Compliance with the Modified Institutional Budget (PIM)

Pronatel has reached a significant milestone by accruing 75% of the Modified Institutional Budget in 2023.

This budgetary compliance underscores the efficiency in resource management to achieve tangible results in the development of telecommunications infrastructure.

The deputy minister’s statement highlighted that the focus goes beyond mere internet access. It aims to promote the use of public services to achieve true digital inclusion.

This involves not only connecting citizens but also training them to fully leverage the opportunities offered by the digital world.

Telecommunications sector revenues grew by 0.5%

During the first six months of 2023, excluding equipment sales, the revenues generated jointly by the main operating companies in the telecommunications sector increased by 0.5% compared to the previous year.

Revenues from mobile services increased by 1.6%, as a result of the higher number of mobile lines in service under the contract modality, which recorded an annual growth of 5.7% between both periods.

Meanwhile, revenues generated from fixed Internet grew by 4.8%, mainly due to the higher number of connections, as a result of the momentum that these connections are recording through fiber optics.

However, equipment sales revenues decreased by 22.4% due to lower demand for equipment during the first six months of the year, as smartphone imports in Peru and globally are reducing.

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The successful execution of investments by the MTC, through Pronatel, not only represents a crucial step towards robust national connectivity but also demonstrates a commitment to inclusive digital development.

The focus on less-served regions and compliance with the institutional budget reflect effective resource management to boost socioeconomic development.

As Peru advances towards a digital future, these investments mark a key chapter on the path to equal access and opportunities in the digital era.

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