Mobile operators Peru: Specific vs. general services

Telephony companies continue to reach different markets around the world, hoping to offer new benefits and advantages that help them to better position themselves in front of more demanding users who have known the current companies for years.

For this reason, Peru mobile operators are currently being presented under the virtual mobile company business model that are aimed at a smaller market segment and can thus offer plans with variety.

In the following article of Guinea Mobile, discover the mobile operators Peru that can work, taking into account that the telecommunications market continues to develop.

General mobile operators

This part refers to what mobile operators Peru currently do, which is to offer more general telephony services, being standard plans at similar prices in the market.

In this way, in order to cover more market and to be a useful service, telecommunications companies in Peru are presented with similar plans among them and offer benefits according to the price.

Thus, telephone companies lead and are better positioned in the market, also due to the fact that they have been present longer, with options from 30 soles to 200 soles approximately.

Among the main services they offer are internet, messages, calls, some free applications, international coverage such as roaming if the company has it and according to the plan that is accessed.

Among these companies is Claro Peru, which adds to its plans the benefit of access to other services such as Clarovideo and Claro Club, being among the most representative companies in the market.

Specific mobile operators

On the other hand, now that MVNOs have reached more parts of the world, it is possible for a mobile virtual company to focus exclusively on a much smaller segment, without making losses.

Thanks to this, it is possible that the benefits offered to its target audience are more in line with their needs, being finally an option known as low-cost, and above all, more accurate in terms of its users.

mvno especifico

An example of this is Virgin Mobile, one of the first MVNOs in Latin America, which like Cuy Móvil decided to focus on a young audience, which uses more internet or some applications specifically.

Also, taking into account that many are people who are starting to work and take charge of their own phones, the fact that it is a simple and low-priced process is ideal in their segment.

Similarly, in Brazil, soccer teams such as Cruzeiro Azul are diversifying their brand by launching a mobile virtual company for their fans, as are other companies focusing on their existing customers.

Even for unattended markets, such as tourists, PeruSIM offers plans in dollars and with applications such as Waze, so that people who come to visit our country are not left incommunicado.

The Peruvian market

In this way, we can mention even more examples of MVNOs that have managed to position themselves by serving a market segment, although telecommunications companies in Peru are still working mainly on the first part.

Although these mobile virtual network operators are already present in our country, and more and more companies continue to emerge wishing to enter this market, there is still much to be done.

Peru’s mobile operators, rather than seeing MVNOs as a threat, are of great help to them, as they are in charge of providing them with the most important part so that they can operate.

However, there are still problems for the Peruvian public to trust these options, despite being a market that is always looking for the best price, as these traditional telephone companies have been around for more years and are more recognized.

mercado movil peruano

Especially for services that are so important nowadays, since they are in charge of keeping people connected all day long, providing them with internet and cable even to their homes, which is why they are brands that accompany them constantly.

Although this does not mean that MVNOs are totally new services, because although their proposal is, they are backed by the coverage and signal of large telecommunications companies.

It may seem difficult, but it is a challenge worth facing, as it is the future of this much-needed market, which has already been very successful in different parts of Europe and is developing all over the world.

Now that you know how telecommunications companies in Peru can take advantage of becoming a mobile virtual company, take advantage of the opportunity to diversify your brand. Contact us for personalized advice.