MVNO Companies: Strategies to attract customers

Currently, many markets are saturated with companies seeking to offer products or services to their target segments or audiences, leaving it up to them to decide which company will fulfill this role.

Thanks to the variety of tools that exist, there are some ways to differentiate, either by leveraging technology, different channels or through traditional advertising, although if it is a more closed market this can be more complicated.

If you are a telecommunications company, this is probably the case, as your market is currently developing now that MVNO companies have arrived to give users a variety of options.

In the following article from Guinea Mobile, discover the best strategies to attract customers and position your company by taking advantage of the opportunity to reach this market and diversify your brand.

Current virtual cell phone companies

Although MVNO companies have been in the Peruvian market for a couple of years, the results have a lot of room for improvement, since the market has always belonged to the large traditional mobile operators that have the trust of users.

This is why these brands have had problems to position themselves and, above all, to achieve market share, with a slow growth, although this does not stop the number of users migrating to these companies.

However, as has happened in Spain, it is important that both users and these types of companies recognize the opportunity that virtual mobile operators represent, and that they are probably the future of this market, as can be seen in Mexico and Brazil.

This is why the telecommunications company Vodafone, as well as Orange Mobile of Europe, recognize the potential and benefits of virtual mobile telephony companies to reach international markets through different brands.

The growth of MVNOs is imminent at international level, so it only remains to look for ways and strategies to attract new customers to encourage users to know and give a chance to this business model.

Strategies to attract new customers

Don’t be afraid of social networks

uso redes sociales

Many companies, especially in Peru, may be afraid to move to other channels to which their customers may not be accustomed, however, it is important that as the market evolves, brands evolve with them.

Especially if it is a business model linked to technology, starting with social networks and keeping them updated will be key to give more confidence to users and above all, to have a greater reach and present this brand to its target audience.

Highlight your brand differentiation

Being an MVNO company comes with many advantages, one of them, and probably the most important for users, is the price, so highlighting that these companies offer low-cost plans with your brand can be of great help.

Also, the benefits of the plans, which are more in line with a specific segment, will attract the attention of these users, as well as the transparency and present the business model that allows to offer this service, to create confidence and consistency in the price-quality relationship, also taking advantage to highlight that these MVNOs have the support and coverage of a larger telecommunications company.

Leverage your customer base

Another benefit of virtual cell phone companies is that they are a way for companies to diversify their brand, so they usually come from other areas, and despite serving their audience through other services or products, telecommunications are currently necessary.

That is why when you already have a customer base, you already have many times the users and you know their tastes and preferences, they trust the brand and the company already knows the best ways to reach them.

atraer clientes

This also works at the time of launching, because highlighting that it is a brand that has already provided them with other services or products will help them to trust the results more, something that is currently lacking with the MVNO model.

Sweepstakes, offers, promotions and more

When a telecommunications company, or any other company for that matter, reaches a market, it does so by offering launch offers or promotions, especially when it is a new service or a model that is not well known in the market.

In this way they get users to try and see for themselves the efficiency of these virtual cell phone companies, so allocating part of the budget to these activities will be a great way to give greater visibility to your brand.

Now that you know these strategies to attract customers as an MVNO, do not wait any longer and take the opportunity to take your brand to the telecommunications market. Contact us for personalized advice.