MVNO as a sustainable business model

To luanch an MVNO can be very complex, take a lot of time and carry high costs. That’s why Guinea Mobile offers a plug & play MVNO in a box solution (Carrier-as-a-Service), that enables you to launch a mobile offer in just a few weeks instead of several years. In addition, we help you with a complete business plan for how to launch a successful MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operators) based on our vast experience in the telecommunications market in Latin America.

The plan provided covers all aspects of the business plan, including market assessment, financing requirements, financial analysis, market segmentation, and product differentiation. We also provide a go-to-market plan, distribution and restocking plans, plus MVNO comparison and more. The main benefit of this report is assisting in the development to release an MVNO and to help validate existing blueprints.


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Launching an MVNO involves careful planning and an understanding of competitive threats and opportunities. Being able to understand competitive issues, opportunities and challenges based on the type of MVNO is key for success. The negotiations with the host mobile network are essential for the triumph of any MVNO. Therefore, we take control of this process on behalf of all the white-label MVNOs that we host under our solution. This includes rate structures and projections, additional cost models, pros and cons, how to implement, and more. It also includes the evaluation of wholesale incentives, the conciliation process and macro and micro environmental aspects to consider when defining a negotiation strategy. It also includes a sample Service Level Agreement (SLA) constructed after real life operational MVNO models, which can be customized to meet unique service management requirements.

The Mobile Virtual Network Operators business plan also includes an analysis of the market conditions, which price plans and upsell bundles that are the main drivers for growth and positive margins. Getting to this knowledge can take years in a market, however as we host multiple white-label MVNOs we get the economies of scale and quickly grow are expert knowledge.


Clients will also receive an analysis from global Mobile Virtual Network Operators. This research provides an assessment of MVNO support technologies, MVNO types and business models. The report provides a comprehensive analysis of the global MVNO market players by country, including MVNO type, hosting network, services and business model.

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With 5G technology ready to virtually impact every part of the communication services value chain, we believe it is extremely important that the MVNO ecosystem is informed and fully understands the impacts on virtual network operations. Accordingly, the 5G report Technology Assessment, Market Outlook and Forecasts (2020-2030) are also included with the MVNO business plan.

Guinea Mobile provides a cost-effective Mobile Virtual Network Operator wireless broadband solution. To customize the use and feature packages specifically for your unique interests and to offer an attractive alternative to your customers.

The benefits of Guinea Mobile are changing the market. We understand the challenges faced by companies when looking to enter the telecommunications market. And at the same time, we maintain excellent services to our customers while also being profitable

Now you know more about why a company should invest in innovation, we invite you to discover how to increase your customer loyalty, information and revenue through mobile subscriptions.