Meet MXLINK, the MVNO with a security telecommunications service

Unlike a traditional operator, virtual mobile operators must focus their offer on differentiated services since their audiences will have different needs or limitations according to their reality. That is why if you want to create your own MVNO, your main task must be to satisfy the needs of a target audience.

This is how MXLINK was born, offering a telecommunications service very different from the usual and focusing its offer on a functional public that has very specific needs. In the following Guinea Mobile article, we tell you more about MXLINK, the MVNO launched by an air transport company.

Headquartered in Blagnac, Toulouse, France, Airbus is a company whose main business is the manufacture of aircraft in the world. A few years ago, it decided to enter the Mobile Virtual Network Operator market by offering a service with a particularly distinct target market.

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The business unit in charge of the launch is called Secure Land Communications, they introduced the MXLINK brand in Mexico as a secure MVNO. Incidentally, it is the first to highlight this feature.

To begin with, it is important to mention that Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) offer telecommunications services but do not have their own network, they use the network of a mobile network operator (MNO) to offer connectivity to their users. MXLINK is a secure MVNO because their target market needs guaranteed mission-critical communications that are fully encrypted. This defines its users as police, firefighters, emergency personnel and paramedics.

MXLINK adds the connectivity capabilities of the Shared Network, in other words, it is a multi-operator. In the year of its launch, they were targeting a coverage of 50% of the national population, very similar to what Telcel offers in Mexico with its 3G and 4G networks. This adds value given that support goes through only one contact.

In crisis situations, reliable end-to-end encrypted communications are very relevant. That is why with the existing platform, it is possible to handle this type of communication.

MXLINK Features

As a MVNO MXLINK has to offer a different type of telecommunication service than the traditional one, in order to give an added value to its users, that is why they have the following features:

Tactilon Agnet

Airbus developed this application specialized in immediate group communication by means of messages, voice, video or broadband data in real time. In addition, it is fully interoperable with the Tetrapol National Radiocommunication Network (RNR) and others that exist throughout the Mexican territory.

It is important to mention that MXLINK offers a telecommunications service that works as a private network, so the data is not transmitted over the Internet. This gives the guarantee of security and encryption needed by the aforementioned personnel.

It is also important to highlight that since the MVNO is operated by security forces, this allows them to define usage priorities and also access or restrictions depending on the case.

The network coverage is multi-operator and has integrated the Guaranteed Priority Access (QPP) function, through the platforms of Axtel, Altán and Airbus, in addition to using the infrastructure of Telcel, from América Móvil.

Homologated Police Report (HPI)

This application has been incorporated into MXLink in its 2019 version. This allows for greater precision since its objective is to speed up the time in which it must be filled out. This optimizes up to a maximum of 1 hour.

As you could see, MXLINK offers a very specific service to a specific functional group such as security forces. Now that you know that there are several possibilities of MVNO development according to the market needs, you can take advantage of it to start your own mobile virtual network operator to deliver a specialized service to a target market. Contact us to start your own telecommunications business.