Petra Legal and the necessary documentation to have your own MVNO

Having a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) implies having obligations with certain Peruvian state entities. Within this, there are institutions such as the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC) and others, which provide the necessary permits and regulations to be able to manage your cell phone company.

In the following article of Guinea Mobile, Petra Legal indicates which institutions are involved and what is the documentation you need or must present to have your own MVNO.

What is an MVNO?

In order to improve competitiveness in the mobile telephony sector, it is necessary to increase the number of companies offering this service, which is why MVNOs are born. A mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) is a company that offers mobile telephony services without its own telecommunications network, but rather rents the network of another telephone operator. In the case of Guinea Mobile, it is Claro’s network.

What documents are important when I already have my company?

documentacion omv propio guinea mobile

To begin with, it is important to have documentation on all investors. This implies having data on shareholders and creditors in the company to which the MVNO is going to be assigned.

Petralegal is a law firm that has a long experience in the telecommunications field. Thanks to this they are able to advise on all legal aspects of an MVNO. They know which public institutions are involved in the creation and operation of a new mobile virtual network operator. At Guinea Mobile, they are in charge of advising us on all regulations involving contracts, resolutions, norms, decrees, etc.

What is Indecopi?

The National Institute for Consumer Protection and Intellectual Property (INDECOPI) is the governmental organization in charge of the registration of trademarks and patents of various Peruvian companies on the different products they have. In addition to other tasks related to consumer protection.

Is it necessary to register the OMV’s trademark before Indecopi?

It is not necessary but it is advisable to be the owner of the trademark so that there is a value of it in the future.

What is the Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MTC)?

This institution is directly linked to the executive power, it is the one in charge of establishing the bases on which all the legislation and regulation of the telecommunication companies is developed. This institution is in charge of issuing norms, decrees and resolutions that allow MVNOs to work in an orderly environment and with the necessary regulations.

What permits are needed to start generating new lines?

In order to start generating new mobile lines it is necessary to have a concession from MTC to operate as an MVNO in Peru and the agreement with the Network Telephony Operator (Claro in our case).

documentacion necesaria telecomunicaciones guinea mobile

What is OSIPTEL and what documents does it ask for?

The supervisory body for private investment in telecommunications (OSIPTEL) is the entity in charge of supervising and regulating the mobile lines market. This involves receiving all the information related to the various reports that are submitted. These range from the time of use in calls, the amount of megabytes and others.

It is necessary to have a technological plan and a document indicating the intention to collaborate from the MNO. This document is important to be able to start operating with the new MVNO.

Is there any permission for the use of biometric identification?

Yes, it is a permit and integration with Reniec. It is a requirement for each registered line, it is necessary to have an own identification for each mobile line.

What permissions are needed to start generating chips with the brand?

To activate chips with the company it is necessary to have the concession and the agreement with the network operator (MNO). With these permits and the integration with Reniec you can start generating chips with the mentioned brand. In addition, for example, there are requirements to:

  • Register all prices and plans offered in the market on the SIRT page.
  • Send SMS to accept portabilities
  • And many others

In case of an audit, what documents are essential?

There are a lot of reports that we need to generate and send to the various state institutions to comply with regulations. These are every 24h, every month, every week or every quarter.

What documentation is public in an OMV?

Most of the documents such as the concession and the contract with the MNO are public, these are part of the transparency offered by the MTC when issuing its resolutions, decrees and so on.

If you want to create your own Mobile Virtual Network Operator, in Guinea Mobile we can help you with different digital solutions. Contact us if you are interested in increasing customer loyalty, information and revenue through mobile subscriptions.