Revolutionizing tracking in South America: the powerful alliance between BWS IoT and KORE Wireless

The strategic collaboration between BWS IoT and KORE Wireless is redefining the Internet of Things (IoT) landscape in South America.

This agreement, designed to enhance the asset tracking market, promises a revolution in the region by integrating BWS’s GPS satellite tracking with KORE Wireless’s advanced network infrastructure. This bold move marks a milestone in the expansion of 4G technology-based tracking solutions.

BWS IoT: Technological Innovation for Maximum Protection
The lack of reliable asset management solutions has been a major concern in the market. Inefficiencies in vehicle localization and logistical complications with SIM cards have caused indecision, insecurity, and stress among entrepreneurs.

BWS IoT recognizes this issue and positions itself as the solution that offers security and peace of mind. At BWS IoT, the commitment to protecting clients’ assets is intertwined with the continuous pursuit to provide the best cost-benefit in the market.

This success is attributed not only to the quality of their products but also to their customer-focused approach. The company boasts 3,000 satisfied customers and has integrated its devices into 250 platforms under the BWS IoT protocol.

KORE Wireless: Leader in IoT Implementation, Management, and Scalability
Connectivity is the fundamental pillar of IoT technology, and KORE Wireless provides resilient and diversified connectivity that efficiently unites its clients’ IoT ecosystem.

Moreover, KORE’s customized solutions ensure effective communications, while deep data analysis optimizes operations. KORE Wireless proposes seven key categories to maximize market traction and ensure readiness for the next generation of IoT technology.

With nearly two decades of global IoT experience, KORE Wireless stands out as a reliable partner. The company simplifies complex IoT processes, allowing clients to focus on their strategic vision and objectives.

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Synergy of Technologies

Under this strategic alliance, BWS IoT will provide its GPS satellite tracking to KORE Wireless, who, in turn, will equip BWS’s tracking devices with their advanced SIM cards.

This collaboration will enable BWS’s IoT trackers, now powered by KORE Wireless’s network infrastructure, to enter the South American market with data services included and flexible purchasing or leasing options.

Boosting Distribution in South America

KORE Wireless, solidifying its position as a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) in Brazil, will enhance the distribution and accessibility of BWS IoT products throughout South America. This partnership will facilitate the adoption of advanced tracking technologies, expanding BWS IoT’s presence in a diverse and growing market.

Innovation in 4G Technology

Both companies, known for their innovative approach, are collaborating on launching new solutions based on 4G technology. This proactive approach anticipates market demands, offering clients unprecedented technological edge and redefining efficiency in asset tracking.

KORE Wireless: Pioneer in Network Convergence

KORE Wireless, in its venture as a virtual mobile operator (OMV), supported by the virtual mobile network enabler (MVNE) NLT Telecom, has set a precedent in converging LoRaWAN networks and Vivo’s cellular networks. This convergence provides robust and efficient connectivity, underscoring KORE Wireless’s commitment to operational excellence.

Star Product: E3+ Tracker

The strategic alliance is bolstered by the news that KORE Wireless will market BWS IoT devices in South America, including pre-configured data services. Among the highlighted products is the E3+ Tracker, a popular device in Brazil with advanced features ensuring exceptional performance on various certified platforms.

Future of Tracking Technology

In addition to the E3+, BWS IoT and KORE Wireless are collaborating on the development of new 4G network-based tracking solutions, bringing efficiency and precision to unprecedented levels and ensuring an exciting future for asset tracking.

In summary, the strategic alliance between BWS IoT and KORE Wireless signifies a significant milestone in the asset tracking landscape in South America. Beyond offering advanced solutions through cutting-edge devices, this partnership reflects a joint commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.

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This radical transformation anticipated in the South American market with the introduction of BWS IoT trackers powered by KORE Wireless’s robust network is just the beginning. This collaboration will not only accelerate the adoption of state-of-the-art tracking technologies but will also lay the groundwork for future innovations in the IoT technology domain in the region.

Consumers and businesses in South America can look forward to easier and more efficient access to high-quality tracking solutions, backed by the combined expertise of BWS IoT and KORE Wireless.

This partnership redefines how assets are tracked, establishing a standard of excellence in the market. Embrace IoT technology and discover more solutions available for your business. Get in touch for personalized advice.