Superdrug and its MVNO as a Loyalty program for its beauty product line

Today, many companies want to complement or increase their revenues by adding white label products or services. Mobile subscriptions also work as an excellent loyalty program since everyone needs a mobile line.

But how does it benefit companies to add a mobile offering of their own? In the following Guinea Mobile article we present the case of Superdrug and its mobile virtual network operator as a customer loyalty program.

What is Superdrug?

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Superdrug Stores plc (trading as Superdrug) is one of the UK’s most recognized stores, known for its cosmetics and toiletries, as well as providing over-the-counter medicines for over 50 years.

What is Superdrug Mobile?

Superdrug decided to diversify into the telecommunications market. The health and beauty company launched its own mobile network under the name Superdrug Mobile in June 2018. To do so, it partnered with one of the four largest mobile networks in the UK, Three, and became a virtual mobile network.

Mobile Offering.

Superdrug Mobile offers a range of low-priced tariffs exclusively for members of its Health & Beautycard loyalty program, but anyone can access this if they agree to subscribe to it.

The network offers four different monthly SIM Only plans, and there are no credit checks, so the user can get a SIM card and activate it immediately. Its plans offer good value for money.

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What is Superdrug Mobile’s customer service like?

Superdrug is known for its excellent value and excellent customer service and this is something they also offer to their mobile customers.

All of Superdrug Mobile’s beauty stores and call center staff are trained to assist with mobile queries.

How does Superdrug’s loyalty program work when launching its dedicated phone network?

The first advantage for Superdrug consumers is that contracts are renewable on a monthly basis, perfect for those who don’t want to be tied to a mobile network.

For Superdrug Mobile users who are on Superdrug cosmetics’ Health and Beauty Card loyalty program, they have the benefit of getting the full cost of their first month’s contract back in reward points. So, if the user has a £10 per month plan, they will get £10 in loyalty points to spend in-store or online

All mobile customers who automatically sign up for the vip tier of the loyalty program will get access to the best offers and discounts, as well as the opportunity to attend special Superdrug events showcasing new product ranges.”

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How does Superdrug’s mobile offering benefit your beauty chain?

The beauty products company offers benefits in its online store for people who have a Superdrug Mobile line. Either through a gift card or by giving them balance in their store so they can buy any product they want.

This makes users more interested and thus acquire the differentiated value that allows users to have constant interaction with the brand. This way their audience is more interested in the store’s cosmetic products and their mobile lines.

“Our Health and Beauty loyalty points make Superdrug Mobile a really attractive option for people. You get a lot of value from day one and customer loyalty is definitely rewarded.” noted Bhavik Davda, General Manager of Superdrug Mobile.

This is a clear example of a company building user loyalty from a mobile offering. Using their own brand and their own chips, they manage to connect with the user who is ultimately the beneficiary and who finally takes more relevance to the benefits they can receive. Nowadays, with the migration to the digital environment produced by the pandemic, a strategy like this is very relevant.

There is a wide range of mobile devices on the market, so a large part of the public does not have to maintain a contract for a certain number of months; on the contrary, they have complete freedom to choose the operator of their choice.

Segmentation in the mobile offer

It is important to consider that an MVNO is oriented to offer services in a more segmented way, while mobile operators with a network tend to be more massive.

In the case of Superdrug, they focus mainly on their already established customers for their cosmetic line, thus, Superdrug becomes a virtual mobile operator that offers mobile lines focusing on a niche market.

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