Uber SIM: The case of the MVNO designed especially for Uber drivers and partners in Brazil

It is likely that if you are thinking of adding mobile telephony services to your business you are wondering: who is it aimed at? How am I going to differentiate myself from the rest? Will mobile telephony be an addition to my portfolio of services? or will it be a new business?

That is why in the following article of Guinea Mobile, we present the case of the company Uber, which decided to add mobile telephony to its portfolio of services under the name of Uber SIM. We will see how the mobile offer can benefit your business and your customers.

What is Uber?

Uber, also known as Uber Technologies Inc, is a company of American origin. Whose main activity is to transport people through a safe and responsible transportation service.

They developed an application that today is very popular since through it the driver-partners can connect with those users who require the private transportation service.

Uber SIM: New player in the MVNO field

Uber launched its own mobile virtual network operator in Brazil under the name “Uber SIM”. The company partnered with MVNE Surf Telecom to launch its MVNO, which will prioritize prepaid mobile services for Uber drivers and delivery partners in Brazil.

The partnership between Surf and Uber began in January 2021 and is now available in all cities where the app operates.

Mobile Offer

Its mobile offer is in prepaid mode and is developed especially for Uber drivers and delivery partners in Brazil. That is, the Uber member does not spend his data plan to drive which benefits him greatly.

uber omv brasil

Its offer is based on offering zero tariff when using the Uber, WhatsApp and Waze apps, in addition to an allocation of 9 GB monthly, 100 SMS and unlimited calls to any operator.

Through a quarterly contract, the app user can pay the subscription in three installments by credit card, debit card, prepaid or bank receipt. The amount to be paid will depend on the user’s category.

Uber partners will be able to order the SIM through the app, another way is also that the virtual operator adds new users with invitations that are forwarded to drivers and delivery drivers’ emails.

MVNO as a loyalty program and add-on to your service portfolio

This is one of the most interesting and relevant MVNO launches. In general, as we have pointed out on several occasions, virtual offers are most successful when they are formulated with a particular target demographic in mind and are quite focused on meeting the specific needs of that audience.

oferta movil omv pepephone guinea mobile
oferta movil omv pepephone guinea mobile

For Uber to create an MVNO for its own drivers can be taken as a loyalty program, which will likely benefit the company in more ways than one.

Drivers, whether personal transportation vehicles or delivery vehicles, must be in communication with Uber through its app, and they also need access to smartphone data on the road for navigation purposes. In addition, they will make many of their personal calls and text messages while driving for Uber.

A mobile service offering from Uber itself is likely to find a good reception among Brazilian drivers, first, because it leverages the pre-existing relationship between it and drivers; second, because it is inexpensive; and third, because the offering itself suits Uber’s driving task, as evidenced by the inclusion of unlimited data for the Waze navigation app.

If the MVNO takes off, Uber will make money from its drivers not only through its core services, but also through mobile plan fees.

In conclusion, it is important to define the objectives when launching your own mobile service, as we see Uber SIM will not compete with the big traditional operators, on the contrary, it is targeting its already established customer base thanks to its transportation services.

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