5 Ways MVNOs can impact your business

When it comes to buying mobile services, most companies don’t know where to start or who to talk to. All they know is that they need mobile and internet services to support their business. Most of them decide for an inefficient solution just to cross the item off their to-do list. Instead, you can consider using an MVNO, even with your business branding. This way you will also be generating corporate identity among your company’s collaborators.

Guinea Mobile, a telecommunications service provider, presents 5 ways in which MVNOs impact your business.

MVNOs can negotiate tarifs

Usually MVNOs enter the market by partnering with a mobile virtual network enabler (MVNE).

As a company, you probably do not have the time or the capacity to negotiate with the owners of the wireless network infrastructure (mostly incumbent carriers) on your own. Therefore, Guinea Mobile leases access to Claro’s network, which means we can provide you with telephony services. It is up to the company whether it wishes to create an MVNO under its brand, or simply acquire the mobile services.

omv negocio guinea
omv negocio guinea

MVNOs handle wholesale variables

MVNOs can handle wholesale variables. If something changes at the wholesale level, a mobile virtual network operator will understand and handle it, keeping your business completely insulated from changes in the market. Telecommunications is a dynamic market, which means that MVNOs are always aware of significant changes so their customers don’t have to.

MVNOs can tailor their packages to your needs

Since MVNOs do not need to maintain their own networks, they have the freedom to create more customized solutions for their customers. They have the funds and resources to create customized packages, making them a fantastic option for most businesses.

Differentiated and lower-cost service to the customer

From the consumer side, MVNOs can offer more competitive prices, which means lower costs without compromising service. Using network capacity without having to buy it frees up costs that are then passed on to the consumer.

MVNOs can also offer a more personalized service compared to MNOs, which tend to offer a more generic service aimed at the general public.

operador movil virtual segmentacion mercado guinea mobile

By segmenting the market, offers can be tailored to different consumer needs, such as offering better international rates for frequent out-of-country callers, for example. This allows MVNOs to take on truly unique value propositions to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Finally, MVNOs also tend to offer a better customer experience, as they focus primarily on providing a service rather than maintaining networks.

Challenges in the marketplace

A crucial element for a successful MVNO is the ability to be agile and adaptable. As the mobile market and opportunities change, so does the MVNO. Take for example the incumbent operator (MNO) market, which has been slow to adapt its business model which has had a direct impact on MVNOs that capitalize on the market that has not yet been covered by MNOs. Thinking ahead, MVNOs need to seriously consider agility.

Therefore, if your company needs personalized and well-supported cell phone services, you may consider buying through an MVNO or launching your own private label Virtual Network Operator, in either case, Guinea Mobile can provide you with advice and support.

Contact us if you are interested in increasing customer loyalty, information and revenue through mobile subscriptions.