Do you know what is an MVNO or mobile virtual network operator?

An MVNO (Mobile virtual network operator) is a company that enters into a commercial agreement with a mobile network operator (MNO) to use their infrastructure and obtain airtime on a massive scale. In Peru, Tthese mobile network operators are the ones that have an active license granted by the MTC (Ministry of transport and communications) in order to provide wireless telecommunications services. They have the infrastructure in the form of antennas and telecommunications towers installed and operating.

In the commercial agreement signed by the parties, voice calls, SMS (text messages) and mobile data are included. Peru currently has a stable 4G infrastructure and has just recently signed the fifth generation (5G) commercial agreement. Airtime is purchased at a wholesale rate from the MNO (mobile network operator) and the MVNO resells the airtime at their own retail prices to their customers. In Peru, MVNOs have been regulated since 2002. This regulating rule was passed in 2002 through the Supreme Decree.

MVNOs do not own the infrastructure used to provide their services (antennas and telecommunications towers). However, an MVNO maintains its own personal customer service, billing, marketing and sales systems.

telecommunications mvno guinea mobile

We are Guinea Mobile SAC with RUC: 20601466075. We are a telecommunications company registered in the Ministry of Transport and Communications with the file 002-2018-MTC / 27 08-Jan 18 and we have been operating since 2018. We are registered in the Registry of virtual mobile operators and have an active association with Claro Peru. Claro is one of the best operators and carriers of local mobile networks present in the world. For this reason many users can enjoy mobile data connectivity with a stable coverage nationwide in Peru.

On a different note, Guinea Mobile SAC now provides the service of setting up a new mobile virtual operator for brands from abroad. This process is in general very long and requires certain expertise to be able to process the documents needed. In addition, Guinea has a vast knowledge in mobile networks, the requested requirements and process, telecommunications legislation, Osiptel regulations and the ability to have a computer system to manage the whole network.

Virtual Mobile Network Operator regulations

The General Directorate of Communications Concessions is the competent body that evaluates and approves the procedure for registration in the registry of Virtual Mobile Network Operators.

In order to register in the Registry of Virtual Mobile Operators, concessionaires authorised to provide mobile public services must comply with the documentation required in the regulations.

It is a prior evaluation procedure subject to positive administrative silence and the attention period is thirty (30) business days.

Article 41 contains the requirements for registration