Get to know more about Xertica: A strategic ally of Guinea Mobile

Guinea Mobile provides other companies with service and technology of telecommunications. In other words, if you are interested in having your own mobile operator, Guinea Mobile takes care of facilitating the process. In addition, Guinea is a 100% online company. This implies that it uses the cloud for various services. Within these services, we find Xertica.

What is Xertica?

Xertica is a technology consultant that implements the digital transformation of companies and organizations through cloud based solutions, in order to constantly optimize business processes through agile methods from a Customer Centric and Data Driven approach.

Xertica is responsible for helping users and companies to work in a 100% digital world. At the moment, companies seek to connect in a stronger way with their customers through different channels. Xertica offers the support of cloud technology that allows to operate safely in a cost-efficient model that promotes the use of data for making business decisions.

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What is the relationship between Xertica and Guinea Mobile?

Guinea Mobile’s approach is to offer technology and a 100% online experience. For this, we also create a mobile application for every company that wishes to have their own mobile operator. This application allows you to make balance inquiries, build purchasing plans and all kinds of information related to telephone services. This leads to a large amount of information generated on the use of the lines, and this works not only as a reporting system but also as the regulation required by OSIPTEL, the regulatory body of telecommunications in Peru.

Since our mobile application concentrates all the databases of our clients, the associated dashboards are added to Google Cloud Platform (GCP). We act as a Virtual Mobile Operator, which means we rent the network and infrastructure from a traditional mobile operator, in this case Claro Peru.

Since there is a lot of information that passes through Claro that we need to access safely in order to analyze data, to help clients and for mobile applications to work, it was necessary to establish a secure connection through a “VPN”. There were some difficulties in establishing this connection and extraction process, and so Guinea Mobile went to Xertica consultancy looking for solutions.

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What facilities does Xertica offer?

It is important to mention that every three minutes, Claro generates a file with all data related to the Guinea Mobile client’s platform. By not having a VPN in operation that has the ability to safely extract data from Claro’s concentrator, access to the mentioned information was made difficult, so it could not be used for any purpose, be it making decisions based on data and meeting the requirements set by OSIPTEL.

Xertica carried out the unification of the different data sources through a VPN connection in the cloud. The cloud VPN was used for Claro’s on-premises connection, where the relevant information that Guinea Mobile required to be extracted.

With the solution provided by Xertica, Guinea Mobile was able to extract the required information from Claro’s hubs. Thanks to the action with Cloud VPN, Guinea Mobile was able to provide a complete and 100% secure digital experience for its users.

Part of the services that Xertica offers include specialized consultancies on Google Cloud Platform. They provide specific advice for new configurations and to handle major incidents.

At Guinea Mobile, we care about being at the forefront of the latest technological advances. If you are looking to invest in your own virtual mobile operator, get in touch with us, and we will help you.