Tonga and Vanuatu: x-Mobility drives launch of new digital MVNO

The newly formed WanTok Pacific Corporation (WPC) has launched a dynamic mobile broadband and money transfer service for the people of Tonga and Vanuatu.  With a bold, brave and fresh approach to telecommunications in the Pacific region, WanTok’s offering will enable users to communicate cost-effectively and provide a new way to receive money.

In the following Guinea Mobile article, we present the case of WanTok Mobile a digital MVNO also called AppVNO, launched by x-Mobility, the enabler of digital mobile virtual network operators.

What is a digital MVNO or appVNO?

An appVNO works in the same way as mobile virtual network operators, except that they operate without a physical SIM card, instead they develop platforms that allow them to activate digital SIMs. 

WanTok Mobile digital MVNO launches in the Pacific region

Launched in Tonga and Vanuatu simultaneously, the new service provides a mobile network called WanTok Mobile.

Using x-Mobility’s digital MVNO solution, WanTok Mobile can provide an ‘over-the-top’ mobile network, with customers subscribing to WanTok Mobile numbers and using their existing data and Wi-Fi connections to make low-cost mobile calls, chat and SMS. The x-Mobility service has enabled WanTok Mobile to establish a local mobile operator, managed by a local company.

“The x-Mobility solution was a perfect fit for our requirements. We were able to establish a mobile operation, with our own number range, that complements our existing network and infrastructure, without the capital expenditure of a full GSM network,” mentioned Justin Kaitapu, managing director of WanTok Pacific Corporation in Vanuatu.

WanTok Mobile will enable users in Tonga and Vanuatu to stay in touch with friends and family in the Pacific Islands all the way to the US, France, the UK and, of course, Australia and New Zealand.

The brand also plans to expand its portfolio with additional music and movie services, all delivered alongside WanTok Mobile.

WanTok Money

WanTok leveraged the impact of the WanTok Mobile launch to also launch WanTok Money, a low-cost money remittance service, a new brand identity for the business and new broadband plans for consumers and businesses. The brand also plans to expand its portfolio with additional music and movie services, all delivered alongside WanTok Mobile.

The new company has also launched its new brand identity and new consumer and business broadband plans. New services to follow include WanTok Beats (music) and WanTok Go (movies).

WanTok Pacific Corporation says it has an experienced senior management team on board that will also look to expand and invest throughout the Pacific region.

Current investments have seen it upgrade and install state-of-the-art infrastructure, with new cell towers built in Nuku’alofa and off-island bandwidth now connected. The company has also become a new member of the GSMA.

About digital MVNOs

The ability of a self-enclosed region, or ‘island’, to add mobile services to an existing business and consumer broadband customer base is something that is gaining interest around the world. Any broadband network user can make calls and send messages over IP, giving them full access to a SIM-free mobile network.

“A digital MVNO is quick and easy to set up and launch, especially for organizations that have their own mobile number range, an existing broadband customer base and a desire to provide a local mobile service, said Shanks Kulam, co-founder of x-Mobility.” “WanTok Mobile has been able to tap into its customer base’s desire for an alternative, ‘on-island’ mobile operation.

At Guinea Mobile we have been enabling new brands with MVNO services, in collaboration with our host MNO Claro Peru, for over 4 years, but we have seen a potential in the AppVNO market and have upgraded to meet that requirement. Contact us if you are interested and we will provide you with personalized advice.