Yoigo connects Spain: 5G connectivity in 2,200 locations

In a continuous effort to provide market-leading telecommunications services, Yoigo has expanded its 5G coverage, now encompassing over 2,200 towns across the country.

This milestone not only represents a step forward in Yoigo’s mission to offer the best fixed and mobile networks but also highlights Grupo MASMOVIL’s commitment to cutting-edge connectivity.

In this Guinea Mobile article, we’ll explore the details of this expansion, the benefits 5G technology offers to Yoigo customers, and the innovative deals that make this next-generation connectivity more accessible than ever.

What is 5G?

With 5G technology, you can experience higher browsing speeds, less communication delay (low latency), enjoying better quality in high-definition video streaming services, connecting multiple devices without losing speed, and more.

Compared to 4G technology, speeds are multiplied by more than 10 times, and you’ll be on a less saturated network.

Yoigo’s 5G network allows download speeds of up to 10 Gbps, with an average speed of between 0.7 and 1.4 Gbps. These speeds are approximate and depend on many factors. There will be moments above and below the average.

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Impressive Geographic Reach

Yoigo’s commitment to telecommunications excellence is reflected in its effort to reach more communities throughout Spain.

The recent expansion to an additional 151 municipalities underscores its dedication, bringing the 5G network to 77% of the Spanish population. This initiative positions Yoigo at the forefront of 5G connectivity in the country.

Tangible Benefits of 5G

With the new coverage, Yoigo’s customers can enjoy tangible benefits provided by 5G technology.

These include significantly faster browsing and download speeds, allowing for the download of multimedia content in record time.

Additionally, improved image quality, quick file transfers, and lower latency promise a seamless online experience.

red movil virtual

A Variety of Services and Experiences

The deployment of the 5G network means not just speed but also a broader range of services.

From virtual to augmented reality, Yoigo users now have access to more immersive experiences and innovative services.

The lower latency ensures almost instant access to applications and services, from gaming to video apps.

Is 5G technology safe for health?

In these times, with fake news always lurking, some information has spread about the health risks of 5G technology.

According to the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP), an independent organization recognized by the WHO:

“the maximum level of radiofrequency someone could be exposed to by 5G (or any other signal in general community areas) is so small that no temperature increase has been observed to date.”

The truth is that the WHO and other international organizations have not found any relationship between this technology and any potential disease in their studies.

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5G Device Offers

To maximize the new infrastructure, Yoigo has made a variety of 5G devices available at affordable prices.

The offer includes more than 40 5G terminals, with options ranging from free devices to monthly agreements with premium devices. This inclusive approach makes 5G technology accessible to everyone.

conectividad 5g

Perspectives of Continuous Growth

With approximately 80% of the population already covered, Yoigo and Grupo MASMOVIL do not plan to stop.

Jacobo Gálvez, Marketing Director of the Group, emphasizes the company’s ongoing commitment to bringing 5G connectivity to every corner of Spain. This proactive approach promises more expansions in the coming months.

Yoigo has once again demonstrated its commitment to innovation and connectivity by bringing 5G services to more than 2,200 locations across Spain.

This expansion not only enhances the customer experience with improved speeds and capabilities but also demonstrates Grupo MASMOVIL’s vision of making cutting-edge technology accessible to everyone.

With attractive offers and constantly expanding coverage, Yoigo leads the way toward a more connected future.

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