ZTE wins MVNO project in Mexico with izzi Telecom

Mexico represents a constantly evolving market in the telecommunications sector. Recently, the country has witnessed a momentous event in this sector: the collaboration between ZTE, a global giant in technology solutions, and izzi Telecom, one of the most prominent telecommunications service providers in Mexico.

In this article we explore how ZTE was awarded izzi’s MVNO project in Mexico, marking a step forward in offering advanced telecommunications services and reinforcing izzi’s position as a leader in the Mexican market.

Partnership Announcement

ZTE announced that it has won the bidding for izzi Telecom’s Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) project in Mexico. According to the press release, ZTE will provide izzi Telecom with advanced core network services and value-added services (VAS) across the network, using Red Hat OpenShift and Red Hat OpenStack Platform technologies.

izzi Telecom: A giant in the Mexican market

Izzi Telecom, recognized as the largest pay-TV operator and the second largest fixed-network operator in Mexico, is part of Grupo Televisa, the country’s leading media company.

With 6.3 million subscribers, izzi stands out for offering Quad-Play services in several Mexican cities, integrating cutting-edge technologies and products.

Innovation and Collaboration

The collaboration between ZTE and izzi Telecom has resulted in a project described as “innovative”, marked by the implementation of ZTE’s first solution based on Red Hat OpenStack Platform.

This solution covers a wide range of network elements, such as vCN and vVAS, and benefits from an end-to-end virtualization approach that includes ZTE hardware, NFVIs, VNFs and MANOs, leveraging Ceph storage technology.

Cloud architecture

For emerging MVNOs, adopting cloud-native architectures and virtualization solutions better aligns with customer expectations, improving flexibility, reliability and agility in the development of new services, which in turn enhances market competitiveness.

MVNO growth in Mexico

The MVNO sector in Mexico is experiencing remarkable growth, according to a report by the Federal Telecommunications Institute (IFT). By the end of 2023, it anticipates an increase of 2.5 million mobile lines, representing 9.7% of the market.

The IFT data also reveals an increase in MVNOs’ share of the mobile internet market, rising from 2.5% to 8.6% in two years. Among the most prominent operators are BAIT, Freedom Pop, Virgin Mobile and OUI, with a significant relationship between MVNOs and Red Compartida.


The alliance between ZTE and izzi Telecom symbolizes a significant step towards innovation and consolidation of advanced telecommunications services in Mexico, benefiting both businesses and consumers with more efficient and adaptive technological solutions.

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