Whitelabel Mobile Virtual Network Operator

Ready to lunch in 8-10 weeks. We currently have three MVNO: Cuy Móvil, Wings Mobile and Peru SIM.

¿What is a MVNO?

A Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) is a company that provides mobile telephony services but does not have an infrastructure and uses the network of third parties.

What does our IoT solution consist of for MVNOs in Peru?

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Increased sales of core products:

As a SIM card and mobile plan is something everyone has and is very cheap, it’s fairly easy to convince people to use it. Therefore it is the perfect conversion strategy as you can land and expand. A mobile offer gives you a completely new way of understanding and communicating with your customers by having control of their SIM, app, and data.

Branding MVNOs

  • Your company’s branding on SIM cards of your own MVNO
  • Your company’s branding on apps (user and seller app)
    • User: We were the first to introduce the market with the possibility to activate your SIM card at home by yourself using the mobile camera to do the biometric verification.
    • Seller: By creating an app for the sellers, we managed to cut top-up costs by 50% and decrease in-office activations by 90% 

RPP: Escucha METADATA: Conversamos con Rafael Muente de OSIPTEL sobre las medidas tomadas durante la cuarente

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Branded Omnichannel Support for MVNOs

Based on demand we provide different types of bundles for support, however mutual for all white labels is that we are in charge of providing support according to the regulations. Our bundles depend on the complexity and technology, but we can provide options such as calls, emails, WhatsApp, various chat tools, in-office, chatbots, and in-app support integration.

Expert advice in technologies of comunication

Launching a mobile virtual network operator requires being an expert, and becoming an expert takes time. Therefore, instead of having to do this yourself, we provide this as part of our solution. During our time in the Peruvian market operating two brands and various other types of clients, we have done extensive market studies, generated a lot of data, and have a knowledge bank that will help you thrive. We will help you in every part of the business, such as making profitable plans or marketing your plans to reach your customers.

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Guinea Mobile SAC received an MVNO concession from the Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MTC) valid for 25 years. As the process is long, includes heavy regulations, and requires a lot of legal hours, we are taking care of all of this as part of our white-label solution.


Custom-made, a lightning-quick platform to manage everything for an MVNO in one place.

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¿Are you ready to have your own Virtual Mobile Operator?